“Shaft” by Isaac Hayes - album review

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TJR says

There's not too much to get excited about on this sprawling, almost inevitably patchy, double album set. Largely instrumental, the main purpose of “Shaft” was to serve as the soundtrack for the blaxploitation film of the same name. The best two tracks feature vocals; there's a cool groove to “Do Your Thing” and “Theme From Shaft” is famously sharp. “Soulsville” is the only other vocal piece in the set. The album was a big success - artistically and financially - and was, in fact, the best selling LP on any Stax label, subsidary or otherwise. As the Wiki tells, in 2014, the album was added to the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:39] 6.9.png Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft (Isaac Hayes) Disco / Funk
A2 [01:51] 3.7.png Isaac Hayes - Bumpy’s Lament (Isaac Hayes) Pop Ballad
A3 [02:24] 6.6.png Isaac Hayes - Walk From Regio’s (Isaac Hayes) Disco / Funk
A4 [03:18] 3.4.png Isaac Hayes - Ellie’s Love Theme (Isaac Hayes) Film Score / Incidental
A5 [01:10] 5.3.png Isaac Hayes - Shaft’s Cab Ride (Isaac Hayes) Soul
B1 [06:10] 5.9.png Isaac Hayes - Cafe Regio’s (Isaac Hayes) Cerebral Pop
B2 [03:49] 4.0.png Isaac Hayes - Early Sunday Morning (Isaac Hayes) Pop Ballad
B3 [04:30] 5.8.png Isaac Hayes - Be Yourself (Isaac Hayes) Cerebral Pop
B4 [03:24] 3.6.png Isaac Hayes - A Friend’s Place (Isaac Hayes) Pop Ballad
C1 [03:48] 5.6.png Isaac Hayes - Soulsville (Isaac Hayes) Soul Ballad
C2 [06:11] 5.4.png Isaac Hayes - No Name Bar (Isaac Hayes) Disco / Funk
C3 [04:04] 6.1.png Isaac Hayes - Bumpy’s Blues (Isaac Hayes) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
C4 [03:04] 3.3.png Isaac Hayes - Shaft Strikes Again (Isaac Hayes) Cerebral Pop
D1 [19:30] 7.1.png Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing (Isaac Hayes) Disco / Funk
D2 [01:56] 6.5.png Isaac Hayes - The End Theme (Isaac Hayes) Disco / Funk

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