“Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Volume 2” by Ivor Cutler - album review

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TJR says

Recorded by Pete Shipton of Radio Clyde at the 3rd Eye Centre, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on the 7th, 8th, 9th of July, 1977. Released on the EMI imprint, Harvest. All killer from the idiosyncratic one, with added warmth from the live audience. It turns out to be his greatest album of work, largely due to the fact that he picked his funniest or most riveting stories, casting aside the many little throwaways that usually populate his busy studio albums. Although the titles don't always match up (!), Ivor performed two pieces from each of his three preceding LPs for Virgin: “Episode 1” & “Episode 3” (both from “Dandruff”, 1974), “Episode 2” & “Episode 7” (both from “Velvet Donkey”, 1975) and “Episode 6” & “Episode 11” (both from “Jammy”, 1976).

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:55] 10.0.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 2 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A2 [03:45] 9.1.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 3 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A3 [03:40] 9.5.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 9 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A4 [00:44] 8.4.png Ivor Cutler - Jungle Tip: Owl (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A5 [03:12] 9.2.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 1 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A6 [04:02] 10.0.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 11 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A7 [00:45] 8.6.png Ivor Cutler - Jungle Tip: Lion (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A8 [03:13] 9.3.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 5 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
A9 [03:53] 8.6.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 14 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
B1 [03:54] 9.2.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 7 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
B2 [04:10] 9.9.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 12 (Ivor Cutler) Storytelling
B3 [00:41] 6.7.png Ivor Cutler - Jungle Tip: Leopard (Ivor Cutler) TBA
B4 [03:52] 7.9.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 8 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
B5 [02:47] 9.6.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 6 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
B6 [03:44] 9.3.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 4 (Ivor Cutler) TBA
B7 [00:31] 7.6.png Ivor Cutler - Jungle Tip: Boa (Ivor Cutler) TBA
B8 [05:22] 9.3.png Ivor Cutler - Episode 13 (Ivor Cutler) TBA

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