“Who Tore Your Trousers?” by Ivor Cutler - album review

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TJR says

Following his brilliant EP of 1959, “Ivor Cutler Of Y’Hup”, Ivor cut a deal with Decca Records for a full length LP, and “Who Tore Your Trousers?” didn’t disappoint. This time around, the absurd set comprises a mixture of both songs (of which there are six) and stories (of which there are nine). The album is full of major Cutler classics – “A Red Flower” (story), “Are You Alright Jack” (song) and “Steady Job” (story). It’s of no matter to me which form he chooses – his engaging delivery guarantees satisfaction in any event. “Who Tore Your Trousers” was a solid foundation stone in a legendary story…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:15] 9.2.png Ivor Cutler - Steady Job (Ivor Cutler) Storytelling
A2 [00:53] 6.0.png Ivor Cutler - The Obliging Fairy (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
A3 [04:48] 8.3.png Ivor Cutler - First Love (Ivor Cutler) Storytelling
A4 [02:23] 6.9.png Ivor Cutler - Who Tore Your Trousers James (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
A5 [03:55] 9.4.png Ivor Cutler - Are You Alright Jack (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
A6 [02:28] 10.0.png Ivor Cutler - A Red Flower (Ivor Cutler) Storytelling
A7 [01:14] 7.3.png Ivor Cutler - Do You Ever Feel Lonely (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
B1 [01:28] 6.6.png Ivor Cutler - A Warning To The Flies (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
B2 [02:24] 9.2.png Ivor Cutler - Grass Seed (Ivor Cutler) Storytelling
B3 [02:52] 6.8.png Ivor Cutler - The Market Place (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
B4 [01:29] 7.2.png Ivor Cutler - A Tooth Song (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
B5 [03:24] 7.0.png Ivor Cutler - Egg Meat (Ivor Cutler) Storytelling
B6 [02:28] 7.4.png Ivor Cutler - Muscular Tree (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde
B7 [04:01] 7.9.png Ivor Cutler - The Handymen (Ivor Cutler) Storytelling
B8 [02:51] 6.5.png Ivor Cutler - Sh Chi (Ivor Cutler) Avant-Garde

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