“Get On The Good Foot” by James Brown - album review

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TJR says

3 back-album tracks get a reworking – “Cold Sweat” (Cold Sweat, 1967), “Please Please Please” (Please Please Please, 1959) and “Lost Someone” (The Amazing James Brown, 1961). I’ve kept it as a discretionary “A-list” status album by the skin of its teeth, especially given that it’s a sprawling double LP set. Long before the Punks and the Rastas got together there were the long-haired hippies and the afro-blacks… soul brothers one and all… count me in… the message is delivered loud and proud on album highlight “Funky Side Of Town” (9.4). “Nothing Beats A Failure (But A Try)” (9.4) takes a different approach, channelling the balladeering side of Otis Redding to stunning effect. On the remake of “Please Please Please” (8.9) JB is Mr. Entertaiment ALL THE WAY for 12 minutes… love his improv… the man’s a joy to listen to… Despite its daunting 66 minutes length, “Get On The Good Foot” is another big scoring winner…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [05:44] 8.1.png James Brown - Get On The Good Foot [1972 version, parts 1 & 2] (James Brown, Fred Wesley, Joe Mims) Disco / Funk
A2 [03:41] 6.1.png James Brown - The Whole World Needs Liberation (James Brown, Bobby Byrd) Disco / Funk
A3 [03:20] 5.4.png James Brown - Your Love Was Good For Me (J. J. Barnes, Whiz Whisenhut) Soul
A4 [02:53] 6.6.png James Brown - Cold Sweat [1972 version] (James Brown, Alfred Ellis, David Lindup) Disco / Funk
B1 [05:54] 6.7.png James Brown - Recitation By Hank Ballard (James Brown, Hank Ballard) Disco / Funk
B2 [03:30] 6.8.png James Brown - I Got A Bag Of My Own (James Brown) Disco / Funk
B3 [03:06] 9.4.png James Brown - Nothing Beats A Failure (But A Try) (James Brown) Soul Ballad
B4 [03:56] 7.2.png James Brown - Lost Someone [1972 version] (James Brown, Bobby Byrd, Lloyd Stallworth) Soul Ballad
C1 [07:50] 9.4.png James Brown - Funky Side Of Town (James Brown) Disco / Funk
C2 [12:19] 8.9.png James Brown - Please, Please, Please [1972 version] (James Brown, Johnny Terry) Soul
D1 [02:10] 5.8.png James Brown - Ain’t It A Groove (James Brown, Nat Jones) Soul
D2 [05:14] 8.2.png James Brown - My Part / Make It Funky, Parts 3 & 4 (James Brown, Charles Bobbit) Disco / Funk
D3 [06:15] 5.6.png James Brown - Dirty Harri [1972 version] (James Brown) Blues / Rhythm n Blues

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