“A Man Needs A Woman” by James Carr - album review

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TJR says

Hangs on to “new album” status although 2 tracks are repeated from last years debut LP (hence the part “comp” tag), “The Dark End Of The Street” and “You’ve Got My Mind Messed Up”. Unfortunately, Carr was unprepared for success and slipped into mental illness. It became more and more difficult for him to complete a recording session, and that, coupled with the dissolution of Goldwax in 1969, effectively ended his career in the charts, although he has performed occasionally even recording two more albums in the 1990s.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:49] 6.7.png James Carr - A Man Needs A Woman (Obie Burnett McClinton) Soul Ballad
A2 [02:31] 5.9.png James Carr - Stronger Than Love (Clarence Shields) Soul
A3 [02:42] 5.7.png James Carr - More Love (Wayne Carson Thompson) Soul Ballad
A4 [02:00] 5.5.png James Carr - You Didn’t Know It But You Had Me (Dolly Greer, George Jackson) Soul
A5 [03:33] 6.4.png James Carr - A Woman Is A Man’s Best Friend (Quinton Claunch, Rudolph Valentino Russell) Soul Ballad
A6 [02:00] 6.7.png James Carr - I’m A Fool For You (Earl Cage, Quinton Claunch, Dolly Greer, George Jackson, Rudolph Valentino Russell) Soul
B1 [02:38] 5.4.png James Carr - Life Turned Her That Way (Harlan Howard) Soul Ballad
B2 [02:17] 5.0.png James Carr - Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (Timmy Shaw, Johnnie Mae Matthews) Soul
B3 [02:34] 6.4.png James Carr - The Dark End Of The Street (Dan Penn, Chips Moman) Soul Ballad
B4 [02:27] 6.4.png James Carr - I Sowed Love And Reaped A Heartache (Allen Reynolds, Dickie Lee) Soul
B5 [02:27] 7.3.png James Carr - You’ve Got My Mind Messed Up (Obie Burnett McClinton) Soul Ballad

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