“Everybody Loves A Nut” by Johnny Cash - album review

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TJR says

The first of two JC albums in 1966 sees him continue down the concept line, this one opting for the comedic “Saturday night variety” slant. It’s not too bad… although I don’t think I laughed once. For the second album in a row (having previously covered “25 Minutes To Go”) Cash covers a Shel Silvestein, this time with “Boa Constrictor”. It’s nowhere near as vital, and perhaps sums up the album as a whole. Elsewhere, “Austin Prison” is a re-recorded version of the song which had appeared on “Songs Of Our Soil" in 1959. Passmarks… but, all the same, an alarming 2 point fall from last year’s magnificent “Ballads of the True West” LP…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:04] 6.0.png Johnny Cash - Everybody Loves A Nut (Jack Clement) Country
A2 [02:46] 5.9.png Johnny Cash - The One On The Right Is On The Left (Jack Clement) Folk
A3 [04:40] 7.3.png Johnny Cash with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott - Cup Of Coffee (Jack Elliott) Folk
A4 [02:54] 5.8.png Johnny Cash - The Bug That Tried To Crawl Around The World (Johnny Cash) Country
A5 [02:55] 5.3.png Johnny Cash - The Singing Star’s Queen (Jackson King, Bill Mack) Country
B1 [02:06] 6.1.png Johnny Cash - Austin Prison [1966] (Johnny Cash) Country
B2 [02:05] 5.3.png Johnny Cash - Dirty Old Egg Suckin’ Dog [1966] (Jack Clement) Country
B3 [02:37] 5.1.png Johnny Cash - Take Me Home (Jack Clement, Allen Reynolds) Country
B4 [02:54] 5.5.png Johnny Cash - Please Don’t Play Red River Valley (Johnny Cash) Country
B5 [01:45] 5.5.png Johnny Cash - Boa Constrictor (Shel Silverstein) Crooner / Cabaret
B6 [03:05] 7.4.png Johnny Cash - Joe Bean [1966] (Bud Freeman, Leon Pober) Folk

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