“From Sea To Shining Sea” by Johnny Cash - album review

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TJR says

1968 was a big year for Cash, both as a man and an artist. It started in January with “From Sea To Shining Sea”, once again flirting between the folk and the country, often reverting back to the spoken word piece – which always seems that bit more enjoyable to me. “Cisco Clifton’s Filling Station” is a classic, “The Masterpiece” is enjoyable (as God songs go) and “The Flint Arrowhead” completely recalls the glorious “Bitter Tears” album. For the first time, all songs were straight from the pen of Cash himself. Those royalty cheques could be handy, what with wives and babies to support… A month after the release of this album Johnny proposed onstage to June at a concert at the London Gardens in London, Ontario on February 22, 1968; the couple married a week later (on March 1st) in Franklin, Kentucky. June had agreed to marry Cash after he had “cleaned up”… it was the best move of his life.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [01:38] 5.7.png Johnny Cash - From Sea To Shining Sea (Johnny Cash) Folk
A2 [03:07] 5.4.png Johnny Cash - The Whirl And The Suck (Johnny Cash) Country
A3 [03:03] 5.7.png Johnny Cash - Call Daddy From The Mines (Johnny Cash) Country
A4 [02:32] 6.0.png Johnny Cash - The Frozen Four Hundred Pound Fair To Middlin’ Cotton Picker (Johnny Cash) Country
A5 [04:01] 8.4.png Johnny Cash - The Walls Of A Prison (Johnny Cash) Folk
A6 [02:47] 7.3.png Johnny Cash - The Masterpiece (Johnny Cash) Folk
B1 [03:08] 5.6.png Johnny Cash - You And Tennessee (Johnny Cash) Country
B2 [02:00] 6.4.png Johnny Cash - Another Song To Sing (Johnny Cash) Country
B3 [02:56] 6.5.png Johnny Cash - The Flint Arrowhead (Johnny Cash) Folk
B4 [02:42] 9.4.png Johnny Cash - Cisco Clifton’s Filling Station (Johnny Cash) Country
B5 [03:06] 5.8.png Johnny Cash - Shrimpin’ Sailin’ (Johnny Cash) Country
B6 [00:53] 4.7.png Johnny Cash - From Sea To Shining Sea (Finale) (Johnny Cash) Folk

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