“Happiness Is You” by Johnny Cash - album review

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TJR says

The second of two JC albums in 1966 - not his most memorable year it has to be said. The out and out country cover of the old Roy Acuff tearjerker “No One Will Ever Know” is a keeper, whilst the organ pop of “Happy To Be With You” is a welcome distraction to the norm. The likes of “Wabash Canonball” should get me going but it’s just too darned poppy. Very much a second class Johnny Cash album…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:59] 5.0.png Johnny Cash - Happiness Is You (Johnny Cash, June Carter) Country
A2 [01:55] 5.1.png Johnny Cash - Guess Things Happen That Way [1966] (Jack Clement) Country
A3 [02:23] 5.4.png Johnny Cash - Ancient History (Wayne P. Walker, Irene Stanton) Country
A4 [02:42] 4.4.png Johnny Cash - You Comb Her Hair (Harlan Howard, Hank Cochran) Country
A5 [04:59] 4.5.png Johnny Cash - She Came From The Mountains (Peter La Farge) Country
B1 [02:40] 4.9.png Johnny Cash - For Lovin’ Me (Gordon Lightfoot) Country
B2 [02:26] 7.0.png Johnny Cash - No One Will Ever Know (Fred Rose, Mel Foree) Country
B3 [02:31] 4.0.png Johnny Cash - Is This My Destiny? (Helen Carter) Country
B4 [02:37] 4.2.png Johnny Cash - A Wound Time Can’t Erase (Bill D. Johnson) Country
B5 [03:14] 6.4.png Johnny Cash - Happy To Be With You (Merle Kilgore, June Carter, Johnny Cash) Country
B6 [02:41] 4.3.png Johnny Cash - Wabash Cannonball (Alvin Pleasant Carter, J.A. Roff) Folk

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