“Ride This Train” by Johnny Cash - album review

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TJR says

“A stirring travelogue of Americana in song and story” is how the front cover sums up this release – dubiously described by many as one of the first ever “concept” albums. (Have these people never heard of Woody Guthrie?) There’s zero schmaltz on-board – this is full of cool stuff all the way. Each of the songs is linked with spoken word from Cash purporting to be on a train journey, with the chug-a-chug of the steam train a background constant. Covers the States. Bigs up the indians. Bigs up the working class who built the country. This is what we want Johnny boy. We’re cooking the gas again. All aboard…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:58] 8.7.png Johnny Cash - Loading Coal (Merle Travis) Country
A2 [04:12] 7.4.png Johnny Cash - Slow Rider (Johnny Cash) Country
A3 [03:02] 7.4.png Johnny Cash - Lumberjack (Leon Payne) Country
A4 [04:47] 6.5.png Johnny Cash - Dorraine Of Ponchartrain (Johnny Cash) Country
B1 [04:26] 7.5.png Johnny Cash - Going To Memphis (Johnny Cash, Hollie Dew, Alan Lomax) Country
B2 [02:55] 7.1.png Johnny Cash - When Papa Played The Dobro (Johnny Cash) Country
B3 [03:50] 6.0.png Johnny Cash - Boss Jack (Tex Ritter) Country
B4 [04:10] 7.7.png Johnny Cash - Old Doc Brown (Clyde Foley) Country

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