“Songs Of Our Soil” by Johnny Cash - album review

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TJR says

A more than decent set of American folk ballads notable for “The Caretaker”, “I Want To Go Home” (aka Sloop John B to you and me!) and “Grandfather Clock” (was Nigel Blackwell here for “Joy Division Oven Gloves”?)

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [01:54] 5.8.png Johnny Cash - Drink To Me (Johnny Cash) Country
A2 [02:09] 7.8.png Johnny Cash - The Man On The Hill (Johnny Cash) Country
A3 [02:13] 6.8.png Johnny Cash - Hank And Joe And Me (Johnny Cash) Country
A4 [02:30] 5.6.png Johnny Cash - Clementine (Billy Mize, Buddy Mize) Country
A5 [02:09] 6.3.png Johnny Cash - The Great Speckled Bird (Traditional) Country
A6 [02:05] 5.9.png Johnny Cash - Austin Prison [1958] (Johnny Cash) Country
B1 [01:58] 6.4.png Johnny Cash - I Want To Go Home (Johnny Cash) Country
B2 [02:06] 8.5.png Johnny Cash - The Caretaker (Johnny Cash) Country
B3 [01:46] 5.8.png Johnny Cash - Old Apache Squaw (Johnny Cash) Country
B4 [02:34] 5.9.png Johnny Cash - Don’t Step On Mother’s Roses (Johnny Cash) Country
B5 [02:45] 7.7.png Johnny Cash - My Grandfather’s Clock (Traditional) Country
B6 [01:50] 8.0.png Johnny Cash - It Could Be You (Vic McAlpin) Country

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