“The Holy Land” by Johnny Cash - album review

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TJR says

Well, heart on the sleeve time for Johnny Cash as he shares his pilgrimage to Israel with the world on record. It’s certainly a fascinating document - the tales of his travels are narrated by himself and occasionally his wife - the stories are way more interesting than the songs themselves. Next stop for the Johnny Cash train was to be San Quentin… talk about a variety performer…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [00:54] 3.3.png Johnny Cash - Prologue (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
A2 [02:50] 3.8.png Johnny Cash - Land Of Israel (Johnny Cash) Country
A3 [01:32] 5.0.png Johnny Cash - Mother’s Love (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
A4 [00:43] 4.0.png Johnny Cash - This Is Nazareth (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
A5 [02:03] 4.0.png Johnny Cash - Nazarene (Johnny Cash) Country
A6 [01:36] 2.5.png Johnny Cash - Town Of Cana (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
A7 [02:47] 2.8.png Johnny Cash - He Turned The Water Into Wine [1969] (Johnny Cash) Country
A8 [01:32] 5.0.png Johnny Cash - My Wife June At The Sea Of Galilee (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
A9 [01:52] 3.4.png Johnny Cash - Beautiful Words (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
A10 [01:54] 3.0.png Johnny Cash - Our Guide Jacob At Mount Tabor (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
A11 [03:59] 3.9.png Johnny Cash - The Ten Commandments (Lew DeWitt) Country
B1 [02:19] 4.7.png Johnny Cash - Daddy Sang Bass [1968] (Carl Perkins) Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
B2 [00:46] 2.0.png Johnny Cash - At The Wailing Wall (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
B3 [02:49] 3.3.png Johnny Cash - Come To The Wailing Wall (Johnny Cash) Country
B4 [01:46] 5.7.png Johnny Cash - In Bethlehem (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
B5 [01:57] 3.7.png Johnny Cash - In Garden Of Gethsemane (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
B6 [02:08] 3.4.png Johnny Cash - The Fourth Man (Arthur Smith) Country
B7 [03:53] 2.6.png Johnny Cash - On The Via Dolorosa (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
B8 [01:07] 2.5.png Johnny Cash - Church Of The Holy Sepulchre (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
B9 [02:33] 2.4.png Johnny Cash - At Calvary (Johnny Cash) Speech / Chat
B10 [02:43] 4.0.png Johnny Cash - God Is Not Dead (Johnny Cash) Country

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