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Colombia Juan Polo Valencia

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#? juan-polo-valencia-el-legendario.jpg 1970 [12, 32:01] Juan Polo Valencia - El Legendario (Tropical ‎LD-1588) studio 5.31 “Below average” Latin
date.png 10-Aug-2014
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Juan Polo Valencia was born in Concordia (Magdalena) a township of Cerro de San Antonio on September 18, 1918, and died on July 22, 1978 in Foundation (Magdalena) aged 60. His whole life was spent playing his accordion, singing and travelling. His best remembered songs include "Veni Veni”, “Alicia Dorada”, “Lucerito Spiritual”, “Woodpecker”, “Si, Si, Si”, “La Lira” and “Shio Shio”. He was a very charismatic performer, and something of a folk hero to many in his community.

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