“Kenyafrica Vol. 5” by Kawere Boys Band - album review

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TJR says

Kawere Boys Band were purveyors of benga music, which has its heartlands in Nairobi and is characterized by an extremely restless, rhythmic and imaginative electric-bass, lots of razor-sharp guitar picking and two or three singers playing-off harmonies, shouts, conversations and laughs against each other. The Kawere Boys were formed by ace guitarist Cheplin Ngode Kotula, a young man in his mid-20s, in Kericho, Kenya in 1974. He had served his time in one of the leading groups, Shirati Jazz, and somewhat disillusioned by financial “misunderstandings” he was determined to make a go of it with his own group. His first key-recruits were Juma Charlie (rhythm guitar) and Otiengo Ogor (bass guitar). In the beginning they found great support from label boss A.P. Chandarana who helped them acquire instruments and find accommodation. The lure of potential success soon attracted a big squad. The core three were augmented by singers Herman Dinda, Juma Silas, Osumba John and Aloo Jossy Jarapethii. Sadok Otieno and Manase Aroko were on drums, and there were two further guitarists in Paul Dinda and Ouko McKenzie. Twelve-strong, they were a force to be reckoned with! Over the course of the next four years the Kawere Boys became one of the more popular Benga groups in the Luo lands, with tens of 45s to their credit, initially for A.P., and then later for impresario (and MP!) Oluoch Kanindo. The Kenyafrica series on Alain Normand’s Playa Sound label was designed to spread the benga gospel to Europe and the world from its’ French base, and showcased the most recent recordings by some of the leading Kenyan artists of the day, most of which was presumably recently released on 45s in the home territories.

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A1 [04:53] 8.1.png Kawere Boys Band - Omolo Mzee (Ouko Makensi, Cheplin Kotula) Africana
A2 [04:50] 7.6.png Kawere Boys Band - Aoko Sipy (John Osumba, Cheplin Kotula) Africana
A3 [04:32] 8.0.png Kawere Boys Band - Joseph Awiti (John Osumba) Africana
A4 [04:31] 7.7.png Kawere Boys Band - Twkiko Abala (J. Nanga, Cheplin Kotula) Africana
A5 [04:41] 8.4.png Kawere Boys Band - Elizia Atieno (Hermans Dinda, Cheplin Kotula) Africana
B1 [04:38] 7.1.png Kawere Boys Band - Anjilina Oloo (TBA) Africana
B2 [04:45] 7.3.png Kawere Boys Band - Ochieng Abok No.2 (TBA) Africana
B3 [04:10] 7.5.png Kawere Boys Band - Anyango Anah (TBA) Africana
B4 [04:43] 7.1.png Kawere Boys Band - Anyango Margaret (TBA) Africana
B5 [04:39] 7.8.png Kawere Boys Band - Atieno Risy (TBA) Africana

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