“Pøliticz” by Kevin Coyne - album review

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TJR says

Following 1981’s “Pointing The Finger”, this was Kevin Coyne’s second LP for Cherry Red Records. Despite personal battles against alcoholism, divorce and a nervous breakdown he seemed able to somehow forge ahead regardless. The album features guitar played by Peter Kirtley (generally decent enough) and synthesizer parts played by Steve Bull (kinda cheap sounding). Kevin Coyne added his vocal parts later. His expressive vocals and interesting lyrics continue to offer an oddball charm of sorts, but these musical stylings are some way below the great man’s watermark…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:10] 5.9.png Kevin Coyne - Your Holiness (Kevin Coyne, Peter Kirtley) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A2 [04:15] 5.1.png Kevin Coyne - Liberation (Kevin Coyne, Peter Kirtley) Songwriter
A3 [06:54] 6.0.png Kevin Coyne - Fun Flesh (Kevin Coyne, Peter Kirtley) Songwriter
A4 [03:29] 5.3.png Kevin Coyne - Flashing Back (Kevin Coyne, Peter Kirtley) Songwriter
B1 [04:04] 5.0.png Kevin Coyne - Tell The Truth (Kevin Coyne, Steve Bull) New Wave
B2 [04:30] 5.3.png Kevin Coyne - Banzai (Kevin Coyne, Steve Bull) New Wave
B3 [04:04] 4.5.png Kevin Coyne - Poisoning You (Kevin Coyne, Steve Bull) New Wave
B4 [03:46] 4.3.png Kevin Coyne - Magnolia Street (Kevin Coyne, Steve Bull) New Wave
B5 [02:57] 4.7.png Kevin Coyne - I’ve Got The Photographs (Kevin Coyne, Steve Bull) Songwriter

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