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#1 king-kennedy-meeting-up.jpg 1975 [3, 30:41] King Kennedy - Meeting Up (EMI Brigadiers ‎RG-V-1006) studio mini • new music 3.93 “Terrible” Disco / Funk
date.png 23-Apr-2013
notes.png The end. Moniker retired 1970s.


King Kennedy is the nom de plume of John Eric Boshoff (aka Johnny Boshoff), a leading session musician, composer and arranger. Credits for Boshoff pop up all over the place - he played with the Square Set, Neil Cloud, the SADF Band, composed and arranged a number of film soundtracks (see IMDB and was a key figure behind the breakthrough album that launched Juluka onto the international stage (African Litany). Al Hall Jnr (from the Mallory Hall Band and the Kirk Lightsey album Habiba) talks very highly of him and Boshoff was the only South African to play on an all-star line-up for those recordings replacing Monk Montgomery who, for contractual reasons, could not play.

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