L’Orchestre Tao-Tao

France L’Orchestre Tao-Tao

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#? lorchestre-tao-tao-de-paris-lorchestre-tao-tao-de-paris.jpg 1980 [4, 42:48] L’Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris - L’Orchestre Tao-Tao De Paris (Afric Music AFMS-005) studio • new music 6.88 “Good” Africana
date.png 08-Feb-2016
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L’Orchestre Tao-Tao was formed in 1973 at the Campus de l’Université d’Amiens. The initiative of a group of students from 7 African Countries; Congo, Zaïre, Centrafrique, Gabon, Bénin, Guinée and Cameroun.

DJ Moos
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