“The High Priest Of Reggae” by Laurel Aitken - album review

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TJR says

The High Priest Of Reggae? Around about this time it was no idle boast. 1969’s “Scandal In A Brixton Market” was a stormer and the follow up included some of the man’s greatest recordings to date. The album served as a bit of a round-up of a-sides and b-sides from Laurel’s prolific release schedule of the time, and we get a bit of a mixed bag as a result. The pure Jamaican “street reggae” is positively glorious. The “western pop” covers are best described as “a necessary marketing evil”. A semi-mighty LP.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:43] 7.9.png Laurel Aitken - Jesse James (Lorenzo Aitken) Reggae
A2 [02:37] 9.2.png Laurel Aitken - Mr Popcorn (Lorenzo Aitken) Reggae
A3 [02:47] 7.8.png Laurel Aitken - I Got To Have Your Love (Lorenzo Aitken) Ska / Rocksteady
A4 [02:21] 7.5.png Laurel Aitken - John B (Traditional) Ska / Rocksteady
A5 [02:34] 5.8.png Laurel Aitken - Shoo Bee Shoo Bee (Lorenzo Aitken) Reggae
A6 [03:15] 9.5.png Laurel Aitken - Hailes Selaise (Lorenzo Aitken) Reggae
B1 [02:48] 9.9.png Laurel Aitken - Landlords And Tenants (Lorenzo Aitken) Reggae
B2 [03:11] 6.2.png Laurel Aitken - Save The Last Dance (Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman) Ska / Rocksteady
B3 [02:22] 5.9.png Laurel Aitken - Walk Right Back (Sonny Curtis) Ska / Rocksteady
B4 [02:08] 5.6.png Laurel Aitken - Don’t Be Cruel (Elvis Presley, Otis Blackwell) Ska / Rocksteady
B5 [03:39] 9.2.png Laurel Aitken - Woppi King (Lorenzo Aitken) Reggae
B6 [03:45] 9.5.png Girlie and Laurel Aitken - Suffering Still (Lorenzo Aitken) Reggae

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