“Roast Fish Collie Weed And Corn Bread” by Lee Perry The Upsetter - album review

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TJR says

Incredibly, this was the 20th new music LP from the prolific producer, and the first which fully featured him on lead vocals on every track. He’s on great form at this time, eccentric to the max lyrically, with some mind-boggling effects and drops ensuring there’s never a dull moment. I presume it’s the Full Experience Girls who provide some sweet backing vocals here and there. On the excellent, “Throw Some Water In” Scratch is imparting nutritional advice about servicing one’s body: “Tune up your system”. The fact that it was probably conceived and executed in the world’s smokiest studio per-square-foot is by-the-by. “Curly Locks”, a version of the song he wrote for Junior Byles, is very nice indeed and comes with the bonkers straight-faced exclamation “your Father is a Pork Chop”. Oink! “Favourite Dish” is a mid-set monster, once again getting all healthy with it: “I’m a working man so I eat up strong”. Quite why we have samples of crying babies and moo-ing cows from start to finish is a mystery which will never be solved and I’m content to revel in the barmy. The rolling rhythm just sets this one off nice, I love it. The cows are back for the album’s mighty clip-clop clippity-clippity-clop closer, “Roast Fish and Cornbread”; the album’s final feeling is heavy dub manners as a result. “Skank it in the backyard, yeah!” Great fun. Forget Jane Fonda and Felicity Kendall, shape up and skank with Lee the Motivator!

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:54] 6.0.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Soul Fire (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
A2 [03:45] 9.0.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Throw Some Water In (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
A3 [03:54] 7.0.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Evil Tongue (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
A4 [04:06] 7.4.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Curly Locks (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
A5 [04:19] 6.7.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Ghetto Sidewalk (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
B1 [03:19] 8.0.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Favourite Dish (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
B2 [03:41] 6.1.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Free Up The Weed (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
B3 [03:38] 6.5.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Big Neck Police (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
B4 [03:54] 6.1.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Yu Squeeze My Panhandle (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae
B5 [03:49] 9.2.png Lee Perry The Upsetter - Roast Fish And Cornbread (Rainford Hugh Perry) Reggae

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