Little Richard and Roy Orbison - Little Richard and Roy Orbison

TJR says:

“Decent enough”

A split compile, the Little Richard material pools from his first 4 singles, 1951-1952, whilst the Roy Orbison material features Sun sides from 1958-59.

The Jukebox Rebel


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The Pro review:

From 1970, sadly not an albums worth of duets, but 6 tracks from 1951 by Little Richard & 4 tracks from 1958 from Orbison. Little Richard's are quite restrained by his later standards, pretty good though.

The Hairy Who?

Extra notes:


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At The Rock House (1961) Lonely and Blue (1961) Crying (1962) In Dreams (1963) There Is Only One Roy Orbison (1965) The Orbison Way (1966) The Classic Roy Orbison (1966) Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson (1967) The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967) Cry Softly Lonely One (1967) Roy Orbison’s Many Moods (1969) Hank Williams The Roy Orbison Way (1970) Big O (1970) Roy Orbison Sings (1972) Memphis (1972) Milestones (1973) I’m Still In Love with You (1975) Regeneration (1977) Laminar Flow (1979) Mystery Girl (1989)