Lolo Lolitta

Congo-Brazzaville Lolo Lolitta

#? lolo-lolitta-and-his-likwe-likwe-band-mavoungu.jpg 1978 [3, 34:32] Lolo-Lolitta and his Likwe-Likwe Band - Mavoungu (Establishment Bonne Musique EBM-LPS-005) studio mini • new music 6.50 “Good” Africana
#? le-grande-lolo-lolitta-julie.jpg 1979 [4, 30:19] Le Grand Lolo Lolitta - Julie (Société Ivoirienne Du Disque SID-LPS-014) studio mini • new music 7.60 “Brilliant” Africana
date.png 11-Jul-2014
notes.png Unable to complete. Alas, not enough information to compile an accurate discography. A casual investigation suggests that Lolo Lolitta had headline billing on several albums from the late 70s to mid 80s.


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