“L’Orchestre Tao-Tao De Paris” by L’Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris - album review

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TJR says

L’Orchestre Tao-Tao was formed in 1973 at the University of Amiens, some 75 miles north of Paris, by a group of students from 7 African Countries; the D.R. Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, Central African Republic, Gabon, Benin, Guinea and Cameroon. They line-up: Jeff Louna (vocals, lead & rhythm guitar), Bingers Bingaba (bass, lead & rhythm guitar, vocals), Justin Obela (bass), Philippe Bertoua (drums), Albert Deawe (organ), Sergo N'gini (rhythm guitar), Bantsimba Mario-Ben (vocals), Justin Obela (vocals) and Yaouli Lopez (vocals). Presumably they were based in Paris by the time of the album's release. Jeff Louna (real name Joseph Lounana) from Congo-Brazzaville leads the group and writes 2 of the 4 extended 10 pieces, opening and closing the album. Each song is in the emerging soukous style, characterized by the long repetitive “Sebene” (an insistent, pretty and melodic extended bridge) which usually kicks in after a few minutes of pleasant but ineffective foreplay. Albert Deawe's choppy and lively organ gives the work some added character. Consistently good if never a classic, but very nicely done all the way.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [10:18] 7.1.png L’Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris - Santa Mutombo (Jeff Louna) Africana
A2 [12:24] 6.8.png L’Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris - Ngbonga Ti Liberté (Bingers Bingaba) Africana
B1 [10:47] 6.9.png L’Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris - Lolango (Justin Obela) Africana
B2 [09:19] 6.7.png L’Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris - Nzambe Alakisi La Vérité (Jeff Louna) Africana
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