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#? mahlabathini-and-izintombi-zephepha-backed-by-the-naughty-boys.jpg 1976 [12, 30:31] Mahlabathini and Izintombi Zephepha backed by The Naughty Boys - Mahlabathini And Izintombi Zephepha Backed By The Naughty Boys (Soweto ‎SWA-14019) studio • new music 7.75 “Brilliant” Africana
#? mahlabathini-ulova.jpg 1981 [10, 32:01] Mahlabathini - Ulova (Imbongi LZG-38) studio • new music
#? mahlabathini-abanguni.jpg 1981 [10, 32:06] Mahlabathini - Abanguni (Imbongi LZG-44) studio • new music
date.png 20-Jun-2013
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Victor Zulu (aka Mahlabathini) certainly fits into the same category as that most famous of groaners, Mahlathini, and recorded with many of the same female singers. Mahlabathini recorded prolifically for all the big labels for at least twelve years from 1969 onwards, starting with David Thekwane and Teal, then Satbel, EMI, on to Mavuthela and Gallo. In 1959 while still at school in Kwambonambi on the coast about 180kms north of Durban Zulu became well known for his composing and singing. In 1968 he moved to Johannesburg and sang with the “Watermelon Kids” at the Bantu Mens’ Social Centre. In 1969 David Thekwane arranged for Victor and Izinthombi Zephepha to record and perform together. They made their first recording for Satbel in 1975. Mahlabathini was at EMI in 1977, and at Mavuthela in 1980. He recorded some singles with the Mahotella Queens in late 1980. He then went to GRC/Isibaya in 1981. Not sure what happened to him after that.

Chris Albertyn / Nick Lotay
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