South Africa Mahlathini

#?spacer.png1974 [12, 32:21] Indoda Mahlathini - Ngibuzindlela 9.18 “A masterpiece” Africana
#?spacer.png1979 [12, 34:09] Indoda Mahlatini Na Madodana - Indoda Mahlatini Na Madodana 7.27 “Really good” Africana
#?spacer.png1984 [10, 37:09] uMahlathini nabo uLungile - uMahlathini Nabo ULungile 0.000.png (review pending upload)
#?spacer.png1984 [12, 37:55] Mahlathini Nezintombi Zomgqashiyo - Dithoriso Tsa Morena 0.000.png (review pending upload)
#?spacer.png1985 [8, 33:32] Amaswazi Emvelo and Mahlathini - Utshwala Begazati 0.000.png (review pending upload)
#?spacer.png1991 [12, 51:21] Mahlathini and The Mahotella Queens - Mbaqanga 0.000.png (review pending upload)
date.png 10-Aug-2014
notes.png Unable to complete. Not enough info out there. Died 1999, aged 61.
a mkII version (e.g.) of this list will be applied after my final album review for this artist

spacer.png1978 [10, 27:40] Mahlathini - Kudala Besibiza 8.36 “Excellent” Africana
notes.png random list, no intention to be complete

spacer.png2011 [25, 62:23] Mahlathini - Spotlight On… Mahlathini 0.000.png (review pending upload)
notes.png random list, no intention to be complete


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