“Mann Made” by Manfred Mann - album review

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TJR says

The last Mann album to feature original members Mike Vickers and Paul Jones. It's a strange affair, a bit Ray-Charles-esque here, a bit cocktail-lounge there and overall a bit too posey. The only thing with a bit of Mod cool is “L.S.D.”, but it's too little, too late to rescue the disappointing affair.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:35] 3.9.png Manfred Mann - Since I Don’t Have You (Joseph Rock, Lennie Martin, James Beaumont, Janet Vogel, Wally Lester, John Taylor, Joseph Verscharen) Pop
A2 [02:53] 5.9.png Manfred Mann - You’re For Me (Mike Vickers) Cerebral Pop
A3 [02:18] 3.9.png Manfred Mann - Look Away (Bert Russell, Jerry Ragovoy) Pop
A4 [02:43] 5.5.png Manfred Mann - The Abominable Snowman (Mike Vickers) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A5 [02:13] 5.2.png Manfred Mann - Watch Your Step (Bobby Parker) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A6 [03:30] 4.4.png Manfred Mann - Stormy Monday Blues (Earl Hines, Billy Eckstine, Bob Crowder) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
A7 [03:05] 4.7.png Manfred Mann - I Really Do Believe (Paul Pond) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B1 [02:40] 5.2.png Manfred Mann - Hi Lili, Hi Lo (Bronislau Kaper, Helen Deutsch) Pop
B2 [02:41] 4.5.png Manfred Mann - The Way You Do The Things You Do (Bobby Rogers, William Robinson) Pop
B3 [03:50] 4.8.png Manfred Mann - Bare Hugg (Mike Hugg) Crooner / Cabaret
B4 [03:54] 3.6.png Manfred Mann - You Don’t Know Me (Cindy Walker, Eddy Arnold) Pop Ballad
B5 [03:50] 6.1.png Manfred Mann - L.S.D. (Tom McGuiness) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B6 [03:14] 4.9.png Manfred Mann - I’ll Make It Up To You (Norman Meade, Ben Raleigh) Soul Ballad

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