“The Good Book” by Melanie - album review

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TJR says

This was the final newly conceived album on Buddah Records from the 24 year-old New Yorker, what with the label attempting to exert demands which were not in accordance with the artists’ oeuvre. Quite right Melanie, stuff ‘em. The title-track gets proceedings off to a flyer. Straight away, I’m reminded just how much I love Melanie’s waver and her gift for melody. Album highlight “Babe Rainbow” immediately follows – keep your glow on is the message. I’m thinking, isn’t she lovely? It’s a timeless waltz, with wonderful pennywhistles and exquisite orchestration. There are 9 originals on the album and 3 covers – “Sign on the Window” (Bob Dylan, 1970); “My Father” (Judy Collins, 1968) and “Chords of Fame” (Phil Ochs, 1970). Her own songs are the best – the most powerful. My side notes for “The Saddest Thing” read: “raw and pure – Melanie’s on fine form here.”The Nickel Song”, soon to be a Top 40 hit, is a little song with a big bite: “Well, I don't know so many things, but I know what's been going on, we're only putting in a little, to get rid of a lot that's wrong” She’s even charming when she’s dissing folks, what a gal, completely loveable. Buddah's loss…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:02] 7.9.png Melanie - Good Book (Melanie Safka) Folk Rock / Americana
A2 [05:41] 8.9.png Melanie - Babe Rainbow (Melanie Safka) Songwriter
A3 [02:22] 6.0.png Melanie - Sign On The Window (Robert Zimmerman) Folk
A4 [04:58] 7.2.png Melanie - The Saddest Thing (Melanie Safka) Songwriter
A5 [03:42] 6.2.png Melanie - Nickel Song (Melanie Safka) Country
A6 [00:31] 4.0.png Melanie - Isn’t It A Pity (Melanie Safka) Folk
B1 [04:59] 6.0.png Melanie - My Father (Judy Collins) Folk
B2 [04:56] 6.7.png Melanie - Chords Of Fame (Phil Ochs) Folk
B3 [04:09] 5.5.png Melanie - You Can Go Fishin’ (Melanie Safka) Country
B4 [06:10] 6.4.png Melanie - Birthday Of The Sun (Melanie Safka) Songwriter
B5 [04:38] 6.6.png Melanie - The Prize (Melanie Safka) Songwriter
B6 [00:50] 6.4.png Melanie - Babe Rainbow - Reprise (Melanie Safka) Songwriter

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