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#? memphis-slim-canned-heat-and-the-memphis-horns-memphis-heat.jpg 1974 [11, 41:40] Memphis Slim, Canned Heat and The Memphis Horns - Memphis Heat (Blue Star ‎80.607) studio collaboration • new music 4.29 “Lame” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
date.png 19-Dec-2010
notes.png Unable to complete. Died 1988, aged 72. If some amazingly patient devotee could unravel the details I would estimate that around 20 "new music" albums would emerge between 1959 and 1981. I spent around 3 or 4 hours in the embryonic stages of compiling my discography take on Memphis Slim. It soon became apparent that it was an impossible task. He made no albums at all until 1959 then woosh - around 20 albums appeared in 1960 and 1961 alone - several of them called Memphis Slim and all with cross-varying track selections! The chaos comes from all the differing licensing for different territories of the world. Add that to the details "lost in the mists of time" and the possible mis-interpretation by many of the sites about release dates and I was soon ready to surrender the task as an impossibility!

memphis-slim-beer-drinkin-woman(1).jpg 1992 [14, 55:16] Memphis Slim - Beer Drinkin’ Woman 0.000.png (review pending upload) (The Blues Collection ‎BLU-CC-012) studio • compilation
notes.png Random list, no intention to be complete.


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