“Dreams And Nightmares” by Nash The Slash - album review

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TJR says

Debut album from the 31-year-old Toronto musician, Jeff Plewman, introducing the rather off-putting surgical bandage look for the first time. The all-instrumental affair, largely synth-based, with plenty of electric violin and a touch of electric mandolin, veers between the film-esque score and the new wave pop, all played by the man himself. All compositions are receiving a second lease of life, having first appeared in film and painting exhibitions over the course of the preceding year, with the exception of the somewhat dated sounding “Un Chien Andalou”, which, as the liner notes tell, was written for the 1929 Franco-Spanish silent surrealist short film of the same name by Spanish director Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí. The 4-movements 15 minute piece first aired with the film at the Roxy Theatre in Toronto on March 17, 1975, although the album version here is edited down to 10 minutes. The LP sold 12,000 copies which was pretty decent for an indie.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:11] 5.4.png Nash The Slash - Islands (Jeff Plewman) New Wave
A2 [02:30] 4.6.png Nash The Slash - Ylla (Jeff Plewman) Ambient
A3 [04:54] 4.5.png Nash The Slash - The Chase (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
A4 [10:01] 3.3.png Nash The Slash - Un Chien Andalou (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
B1 [07:54] 6.2.png Nash The Slash - Blind Windows / Countervail (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
B2 [03:06] 6.0.png Nash The Slash - Moon Curse (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
B3 [04:05] 5.0.png Nash The Slash - Lost Lenor (Jeff Plewman) Electronica
B4 [05:05] 4.2.png Nash The Slash - Til Death Us Do Part (Jeff Plewman) Electronica

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