Germany Nico

#1spacer.png1967 [11, 48:26] The Velvet Underground and Nico - The Velvet Underground And Nico 9.85 “An elite masterpiece” Avant-Garde; Cerebral Pop
#2spacer.png1967 [10, 45:04] Nico - Chelsea Girl 8.92 “A classic” Alternative Folk; Songwriter
#3spacer.png1968 [8, 30:48] Nico - The Marble Index 7.34 “Really good” Avant-Garde
#4spacer.png1970 [8, 28:51] Nico - Desertshore 8.73 “A classic” Alternative Folk
#5spacer.png1974 [8, 42:02] Nico - The End 7.59 “Brilliant” Avant-Garde; Alternative Folk
#6spacer.png1981 [9, 39:56] Nico - Drama Of Exile
#7spacer.png1985 [9, 43:42] Nico + The Faction - Camera Obscura 0.000.png (review pending upload)
date.png 17-Sep-2010
notes.png The end. Died 1988, aged 49. Nico had a minor heart attack while riding a bicycle and hit her head as she fell. X-rays later revealed a severe cerebral hemorrhage as the cause of death.
a mkII version (e.g.) of this list will be applied after my final album review for this artist

spacer.png1983 [10, 40:01] Nico - The Drama Of Exile
spacer.png1996 [13, 61:35] Nico - Janitor Of Lunacy: Live At The Library Theatre, Manchester 0.000.png (review pending upload)
notes.png random list, no intention to be complete


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