Orchestre le Peuple

Congo-Brazzaville Orchestre le Peuple

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#? orchestre-le-peuple-and-trio-cepakos-sonia.jpg 1977 [6, 48:47] Orchestre Le Peuple and Trio Ce.Pa.Kos - Sonia (Pathé ‎2C064-15952) studio • new music 6.25 “Decent enough” Africana
date.png 07-Aug-2016
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After the dissolution in 1972 of Les Bantous De La Capitale, the band which he founded in 1959, Celestin Kouka wasted little time in forming a new project in Brazzaville. Under the direction of Kouka, some musicians from Les Bantous join with others to create Orchestre Le Peuple (Orchestra of the People). Named separately, the vocal trio Ce.Pa.Kos are born, their name derived from the three singers; Celestin N'Kouka, Pamelo Mounk'a and Kosmos Moutouari.

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