Senegal Ouza

#? ouza-et-les-4-femmes-dans-le-vent-mbaana.jpg 1977 [7, 39:55] Ouza et Les 4 Femmes Dans Le Vent - Mbaana (Disques Griot GR-7605) studio • new music 5.63 “Average” Africana
date.png 28-Oct-2014
notes.png Unable to complete. Not enough info out there. I made good headway with Ouza’s discography but aborted it in the end as the info was just too sketchy, with lots of conflicting, not to mention missing details from site to site. It looks like he made around 15 to 20 albums of original music from the 70s to the 00s, credited variously to "Ouza et Le Ouzettes", "Ouza et ses Ouzettes", "Ouza et Les 4 Femmes Dans Le Vent", "Ouza et Le Teranga International Band", "Ouza et Le Nobel", "Ouza", "Ouza et Les Filles Branches", "Ouza Diallo", "Ouza ack Ndiaguamarees" and "Ouza et Les Souls Njaagamarees".


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