“8 Men And 4 Women” by O.V. Wright - album review

features in: (B-list) Album Chart of 1967(B-list) Album Chart of the 1960s

TJR says

Repeats nine tracks from the 1965 debut, hence the b-list status.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:06] 7.3.png O.V. Wright - Eight Men, Four Women (Donald Robey) Soul Ballad
A2 [02:31] 6.0.png O.V. Wright - Why Don’t You Believe Me (Luther King Laney, Lew Douglas) Soul Ballad
A3 [02:23] 6.6.png O.V. Wright - Can’t Find True Love (Louise Blair) Soul Ballad
A4 [02:04] 5.2.png O.V. Wright - Don’t Want To Sit Down (Donald Robey) Soul
A5 [03:02] 5.5.png O.V. Wright - Everybody Knows (River Song) (M. J. Keep, Roosevelt Jamison) Soul
A6 [02:35] 6.0.png O.V. Wright - I Could Write A Book (Benjamin Daniels, Donald Robey) Soul Ballad
B1 [02:47] 6.1.png O.V. Wright - Bachelor’s Blues (?) Soul Ballad
B2 [03:24] 7.0.png O.V. Wright - You’re Gonna Make Me Cry (Donald Robey) Soul Ballad
B3 [02:23] 6.5.png O.V. Wright - Monkey Dog (Donald Robey) Soul
B4 [02:40] 6.1.png O.V. Wright - You’ve Been Crying (Donald Robey) Soul Ballad
B5 [02:22] 5.7.png O.V. Wright - I Can’t Believe (Donald Robey, Wilmer Shakesnider) Soul
B6 [02:34] 7.2.png O.V. Wright - Motherless Child (Traditional) Soul Ballad
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