P.P. Arnold

the USA P.P. Arnold

#1spacer.png1967 [12, 38:07] P.P. Arnold - The First Lady Of Immediate 7.68 “Brilliant” Soul
#2spacer.png1968 [14, 33:57] P.P. Arnold - Kafunta 5.30 “Below average” Pop; Pop Ballad
#3spacer.png2007 [10, ??:??] Dr. Robert and P.P. Arnold - Five In The Afternoon
date.png 17-Oct-2018
notes.png Correct @ last verified date.
a mkII version (e.g.) of this list will be applied after my final album review for this artist

spacer.png1998 [23, 72:29] P.P. Arnold - The First Cut 0.000.png (review pending upload)
notes.png random list, no intention to be complete


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