“McCartney” by Paul McCartney - album review

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TJR says

La-la-la-la-la-la lovely Linda, with the lovely flowers in the hair”. Ten seconds was all it took to realise this LP was going to be an endurance test. To be fair, the multi-talented 27-year-old was, understandably, on a bit of a downer, his steady job as co-chief Beatle at an end. By all accounts, Linda McCartney was the rock which kept him afloat at this time, so perhaps it was only right that he opened the set with a love letter. Equally, this doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. All instruments were played by McCartney himself, with a rough n ready homemade demo aesthetic which was both brave and potentially a good thing. Unfortunately, there's not a single song which connects with me. By and large, all the solo Beatles seem kinda boring on their own.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [00:43] 4.1.png Paul McCartney - The Lovely Linda (Paul McCartney) Folk
A2 [02:38] 5.3.png Paul McCartney - That Would Be Something (Paul McCartney) Folk Rock / Americana
A3 [01:39] 4.7.png Paul McCartney - Valentine Day (Paul McCartney) Rock
A4 [02:31] 4.7.png Paul McCartney - Every Night (Paul McCartney) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
A5 [02:05] 5.2.png Paul McCartney - Hot As Sun / Glasses (Paul McCartney) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
A6 [01:54] 4.4.png Paul McCartney - Junk (Paul McCartney) Songwriter
A7 [02:56] 3.8.png Paul McCartney - Man We Was Lonely (Paul McCartney) Pop
B1 [02:48] 3.6.png Paul McCartney - Oo You (Paul McCartney) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B2 [04:04] 4.6.png Paul McCartney - Momma Miss America (Paul McCartney) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B3 [02:22] 3.8.png Paul McCartney - Teddy Boy (Paul McCartney) Pop
B4 [02:34] 4.5.png Paul McCartney - Singalong Junk (Paul McCartney) Pop Ballad
B5 [03:53] 3.1.png Paul McCartney - Maybe I‘m Amazed (Paul McCartney) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
B6 [04:15] 2.4.png Paul McCartney - Kreen-Akrore (Paul McCartney) Prog

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