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#1 pete-seeger-bess-lomax-baldwin-hawes-and-tom-glazer-songs-of-the-lincoln-brigade.png 1943 [6, 15:21] Pete Seeger, Bess Lomax, Baldwin Hawes and Tom Glazer - Songs Of The Lincoln Brigade (Asch Records 330) studio mini • new music 7.57 “Brilliant” Folk
date.png 18-Jun-2012
notes.png TBA. We're good to 1944 so far! I contemplated the tackling of Pete Seeger’s discography for all of an hour but in the end I’ve conceded that, to compile to my standards, the task is too difficult at the moment. Maybe I’ll return to it if I can garner more info on recording sessions…

the-almanac-singers-pete-seeger-and-chorus-talking-union-and-other-union-songs.jpg 1955 [13, 33:51] The Almanac Singers / Pete Seeger and Chorus - Talking Union And Other Union Songs (Folkways Records FH-5285) studio split • compilation 7.38 “Really good” Folk
terry-guthrie-lead-belly-houston-seeger-mcghee-get-together.jpg 1965 [12, 39:01] Sonny Terry with Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Cisco Houston, Pete Seeger and Brownie McGhee - Get Together (Verve-Folkways FV-9010) studio collaboration • compilation
arlo-guthrie-pete-seeger-more-together-again-in-concert-1.jpg 1994 [11, 50:27] Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger - More Together Again In Concert, Volume One (Rising Son Records ‎RSR-0007) live collaboration • new music
arlo-guthrie-pete-seeger-more-together-again-in-concert-2.jpg 1994 [11, 56:47] Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger - More Together Again In Concert, Volume Two (Rising Son Records ‎RSR-0008) live collaboration • new music
notes.png Random list, no intention to be complete.


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