Playlist: Fabrique En France (130 Chansons)

TJR presents… Fabriqué en France: 130 Chansons

  • 130 tracks, runtime: 9h 56m
  • A playlist created on 22 November 2015 @ YouTube, celebrating the French alternative music scene. Pour mes Rock n Roll frères et sœurs en France. Solidarité de l'Ecosse.
  • With the exception of Anna Marly (Russian), Mylène Farmer (Canadian) and Sylvie Vartan (Bulgarian) all tracks feature French-born artists / groups in the billing. Of course, in reality, these three natives are as French as champagne; I'm fine with it!
  • Rebel Rating : 7.66 “Brilliant”
  • To access shuffle-play or avoid in-play interruption due to territorially blocked videos, it might be best playing directly via YouTube external-link.png


Je Suis Charlie by Grand Corps Malade
(Fabien Marsaud)

  • A streamable work made available in January 2015, just a week after a barbaric slaughter; future issue sales of Charlie Hebdo rose from 60,000 in only French to 7.95 million copies in six languages. 6.5 “Good” Poetry


La Complainte Du Partisan by Anna Marly
(Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie, Anna Marly)

  • First appeared on the LP “Les Chants De La Résistance Et De La Libération” (L'encyclopédie Sonore 320 E 847) in 1963. 8.6 “Excellent” Folk


Never Tear Us Apart by INXS featuring Ben Harper and Mylène Farmer
(Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence)

  • From the INXS reworks album “Original Sin” released in October, 2010. A big effort for a big song. 6.5 “Good” Cerebral Pop


Love Buzz by King Q4
(Robbie van Leeuwen)

  • From their EP “Love Buzz” (Help Me! Music HLP-002) in 2009. Originally done by Shocking Blue in 1969. 7.9 “Great” Alternative Dance


Le Goudron by Brigitte Fontaine
(Brigitte Fontaine, Jacques Higelin)

  • 7” single (Saravah SH-40008) in 1969. 9.6 “All-time classic” Psychedelia


Fucking Pacifist by Lucrate Milk
(Lombrick Laul, Tomas Huser, Nina Childress, Raoul Gaboni, Noël Rota)

  • From their EP “Nepla Relou” in 1983. One of the final releases from the 4-year-old Parisian art punk group. 7.2 “Really good” Post-Punk


Hippie Hippie Hourrah by Jacques Dutronc
(Jacques Dutronc, Jacques Lanzmann, Anne Ségalen)

  • From his s/t LP issued in 1968. 8 “Fantastic” Psychedelia


Lucy’s Talking by Kid Loco
(Jean-Yves Prieur)

  • From his album “Kill Your Darlings” (Division One ‎89410-2) in 2001. Gainsbourg-esque dubbeat with tuba, trumpet and crumpet. Sexy. 8.8 “Excellent” Dubbeat


New Wave by Common featuring Lætitia Sadier
(Lonnie Lynn Jr., James Poyser, Laetitia Sadier, Ahmir Thompson, James Yancey)

  • From his album “Electric Circus” (MCA Records 088-113-114-1) in 2002. Laetitia Sadier! How did she get here? How fantastically strange. 8.7 “Excellent” Hip Hop / Rap


Breathe by Télépopmusik
(Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri, Angela McCluskey)

  • From their album “Genetic World” (EMI Music 533756-2) released in 2001. 8.6 “Excellent” Club


Rastaman by Positiv Young Lion

  • Free download release made available via Soundcloud in 2011 and published on YouTube. 7.2 “Really good” Reggae


Sandman Dub by Helixir
(Kevin Martin)

  • From the “French Connection” EP released in September 2008. 8.7 “Excellent” Dubbeat


Cvalda by Björk with Catherine Deneuve
(Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Mark Bell, Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson, Lars von Trier)

  • From her album “Selmasongs” (One Little Indian TPLP-151CD) released in 2000. As lively and inventive as ever. The “Dancer In The Dark” film (for which the album was a soundtrack) gets 0 or 5 stars from reviewers; it's a 5 star from me, loved it. 8.4 “Fantastic” Tripbeat


Dernier Domicile Connu by François de Roubaix
(François de Roubaix)

  • From his EP “Dernier Domicile Connu” (Barclay ‎61.242) in 1970, soundtracking the film of the same name that year. 8.3 “Fantastic” Film Score / Incidental


Espoir Perdu by Jean Vaissade et son Ensemble

  • Jean recorded this in Paris in 1932 when he was only 21 - and he had been recording for 5 years by then! On this evidence, he was a fine, earthy player. He was one of the first musicians to play with Edith Piaf in 1934. The waltz was written by “Borelli” and translates as “Lost Hope”. Find it on the 2CD set “Accordéon Vol. 1: Musette/Swing/Paris 1913-1941” (Frémeaux & Associés ‎DH-002, 1999). 7.5 “Great” Folk


Rabiz [live '11] by Bratsch
(Dan Gharibian)

  • A sensational live performance especially recorded on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 for the French TV show, Mezzo Voce. The song was originally on their album “Transports En Commun” back in 1991. 8.8 “Excellent” Alternative Folk


Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) by Gotan Project
(Philippe Cohen Solal, Christoph H. Müller, Eduardo Makaroff)

  • From their album “La Revancha del Tango” released in 2001. 9 “Classic” Dubbeat


Mon Chevalier by Émilie Simon
(Émilie Simon)

  • From her album “Franky Knight” released in December, 2011. 8.2 “Fantastic” Cerebral Pop


Amoureuse by Véronique Sanson
(Véronique Sanson)

  • Title track on her LP released in March, 1972. Lovely song, I fall for its pop charms. Kiki Dee would have a worldwide hit with it a year later. 6.1 “Quite good” Pop Ballad


Little Wounds by Herman Dune
(André Benouaisch)

  • From their album “Not On Top” (PIAS France PIASF-122CD) released in 2005. 10 “Utterly perfect” Indie


Autonomie by Prototypes
(François Marché, Stéphane Bodin, Isabelle Le Doussal)

  • First appeared on the compilation “Made In France - Rentrée 2005” (Les Inrockuptibles CD-LI-05-113) free with the #514 of Les Inrockuptibles magazine. 8 “Fantastic” Indie


Lady Coca Cola by Metal Urbain
(Eric Débris, Eric Feidt)

  • B-side to their “Panik” single in 1977. 8.2 “Fantastic” Post-Punk


Crackpipe by Micropoint
(Daniel Tecoult, Denis Cohen-Scali)

  • The intense closing track on their LP “Overdose United Part 1” (Micropoint Records µLP-001) released in June, 2008. Undoubtedly the Micropoint signature tune. 10 “Utterly perfect” Alternative Dance


Bagarre by DaFake Panda
(Antoine Marroncles)

  • From his album “Sociopath” (Aentitainment aent.022) released in September, 2013. 7.9 “Great” Electronica


Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest
(Eric Mouquet, Michel Sanchez)

  • From their album “Deep Forest” ‎(Dance Pool SAMPCD-1657) in 1992. 6.3 “Quite good” Tripbeat


Jonques De Pêcheurs Au Crépuscule [live '81] by Jean Michel Jarre with The Peking Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra

  • From his 2LP “Les Concerts En Chine” (Disques Dreyfus FDM-18110) released in 1982. A marvellous new arrangement of a very old traditional Chinese song known as the “Fisherman's Chant at Dusk”. 8.9 “Excellent” Contemporary Classical


Tout N’est Pas Si Facile by Suprême NTM
(Didier Morville, Bruno Lopez, Pascal Villaume)

  • A single (Epic EPC-661235-1) released in 1995. 8.5 “Excellent” Hip Hop / Rap


Le Banquet by C2C
(Thomas Le Vexier, Pierre Forestier, Guillaume Jaulen, Sylvain Richard)

  • From their album “Tetra” released in September 2012. 6.3 “Quite good” Hip Hop / Rap


Rose Rouge by St. Germain
(Ludovic Navarre)

  • From his album “Tourist” (Blue Note 7243-5-25114-2-6) released in 2000. Takes the 1973 “live at Montreaux” vocal sample from Marlena Shaws “Woman Of The Ghetto” on a crazily repetitive vocal loop to great effect. 7.9 “Great” Jazz


Sané-Mamadou by Tchico and Les Officiers
(Pambou Tchico Tchicaya)

  • Closing track on their album “Afro-Rythmes Présente Tchico Et Les Officiers Of African Music” ‎(Afro-Rythmes AR-0990) in 1985. 7.4 “Really good” Africana


Rolling Blackouts by The Go! Team, Bethany Consentino and Angèle David-Guillou
(Ian Parton, Nkechi Ka Egenamba, Sam Dook, Chi Fukami Taylor, Kaori Tsuchida, Jamie Bell)

  • From their album “Rolling Blackouts” (Memphis Industries MI0178-CD) released in 2011. 6.9 “Good” Indie


Like A Deer In The Headlights by Cheveu
(Etienne Nicolas, David Lemoîne, Olivier Demeaux)

  • First out as a single (Born Bad Records ‎BB-020) in 2009. 7 “Really good” Post-Punk


L’Europe by Noir Désir
(Bertrand Cantat, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Denis Barthe, Jean-Paul Roy, Akosh Szelevényi, Brigitte Fontaine)

  • Closing track on their album “Des Visages Des Figures” ‎(Barclay 589-275-2) in 2001. 9.8 “All-time classic” Prog


Glistering Like Gold by Trisomie 21
(Philippe Lomprez, Hervé Lomprez)

  • From their album “Black Label” (Le Son Du Maquis ‎LM-146) released in May, 2009. Like The Orchids in French. 7.6 “Great” Tripbeat


Bonnie And Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot
(Serge Gainsbourg)

  • The song tells the story of the outlaw couple Bonnie and Clyde. It is based on an English language poem written by Bonnie Parker herself a few weeks before she and Clyde Barrow were shot, entitled “The Trail's End”. It was released on two albums in 1968: Gainsbourg's album “Initials B.B.”, and Gainsbourg and Bardot's album “Bonnie and Clyde”. 6.4 “Quite good” Cerebral Pop


Jusqu’à Ce Que La Force De T’aimer Me Manque by Catherine Ribeiro and Alpes
(Catherine Ribeiro, Patrice Moullet)

  • From their album “Paix” released in 1972. 9 “Classic” Folk


Burning Trash Floor by Hexagone
(Ludovic Navarre)

  • Released as a single (Djax-Up-Beats DJAX-UP-193) in 1994. 7.1 “Really good” Alternative Dance


Rock ‘n’ Roll by Daft Punk
(Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo)

  • From their album “Homework” (Virgin V-2821) in 1997. 10 “Utterly perfect” Alternative Dance


Double Face by Pariapunk
(Norbert Grime, Corinne Monnet, Martial Delattre, Frédéric Guyard)

  • From their self-titled EP, first available locally in 1987. Short-lived anarcho-punks from Lyon, active 1986-87. Norbs - drums, Corinne - bass & vocals, Martial - vocals, Fred - guitar. 7.9 “Great” Post-Punk


Zobi La Mouche by Les Négresses Vertes
(Jean-Marie Paulus, Noël Rota)

  • Recorded November 1988, first issued early in 1989 on their debut LP “Mlah”. 8.2 “Fantastic” Alternative Folk


The Rule by The Healthy Boy and The Badass Motherfuckers
(Benjamin Nerot)

  • Mean vibe from Benjamin Nerot and his badass hombres. It's the opening track on their “Dolce Furia” EP (Kythibong ‎KTB-41, 2014). 7.6 “Great” Blues Rock / Soul Rock


Coiffer Un Ours by Whourkr
(Gautier Serre, Vincent Goubeau)

  • From their album “4247 Snare Drums” (Ad Noiseam adn158cd) released in 2012. Parisians existing on the frontier of death metal and electronic / breakcore music. As the great Peelmeister would (probably) say… “this really is some astonishing stuff”. 6.9 “Good” Alternative Rock


Hate Or Glory by Gesaffelstein
(Mike Lévy)

  • From his album “Aleph” and also released as a single in the same year, 2013. 6.4 “Quite good” Alternative Dance


Lux by Maelstrom
(Joan-Mael Péneau)

  • Good third track on his “Catharsis - Part 1” single (BNR TRAX 24) in 2012. 6.5 “Good” Alternative Dance


Idle Eyes [roman flügel remix ] by C.A.R.
(Chloé Raunet)

  • Lead track on the “Idle Eyes/Angelina Remixes” EP (Kill The DJ Records ‎DLM-004, October 2014). C.A.R. is Chloé Raunet, formerly singer with London coldwave band, Battant. 8.8 “Excellent” Electronica


Wrong Baby by Colder
(Marc Nguyen Tan)

  • Opening track on their album “Heat” ‎(Output OPRCD-85) in 2005. 8 “Fantastic” Electronica


Découverte by Flamen Dialis
(Didier Le Gallic)

  • Single release (F.L.V.M. FLVM-4504) in 1978. 6.9 “Good” Prog


My White Bicycle by Valentin Noiret
(Ken Burgess, Keith Hopkins)

  • From the v/a compile “Nuggets 2 Revisited” (The Active Listener AL-028) released in September, 2015. Originally done by Tomorrow in 1967. 8.5 “Excellent” Psychedelia


BXL Bleuette by Françoiz Breut
(Françoise Breut)

  • Opening track on her album “La Chirurgie Des Sentiments” released in 2012. 7.3 “Really good” Cerebral Pop


Au Port by Camille
(Camille Dalmais)

  • From her album “Le Fil” released in 2005. 7.4 “Really good” Cerebral Pop


In The Midnight Hour by Maloko
(Wilson Pickett, Steve Cropper)

  • From their LP “Soul On Fire” (The African Music Gallery AMG-006) released in 1988. Delightful soukous from the Paris-based “side project super group” starring Congolesians Syran Mbenza on lead and Bopol Mansiamina on rhythm. 8.2 “Fantastic” Africana


Bamboleo [original version] by Gipsy Kings
(Tonino Baliardo, Jahloul Bouchikhi, Nicolas Reyes, Simón Díaz)

  • Based on “Caballo Viejo”, a Venezuelan folk song. The Gipsy Kings had a worldwide hit with their interpretation, recorded under the title “Bamboleo” (P.E.M. GK-001) in 1987. 6.7 “Good” Latin


Supernature by Cerrone
(Alain Wisniak, Marc Cerrone)

  • The title track to Cerrone’s 1977 album. “Supernature (Cerrone III)”. Along with the tracks “Give Me Love” and “Love is Here”, it hit #1 on the disco/dance charts early in 1978. 7.6 “Great” Disco / Funk


Crispy Bacon by Laurent Garnier
(Laurent Garnier)


Hardbells [rough version] by Bobmo
(Hugues Rey)

  • Closing track on the “Hardbells / Northside” EP (BNR Trax ‎BNR-TRAX-06) in April, 2011. 8.5 “Excellent” Alternative Dance


Seigneurs De Guerre by Daddy Mory
(Mory Samaké, Jérémie Dessus, Mathieu Bost)

  • First out as one side of a split 7” with Fantan Mojah in 2006. 7.9 “Great” Reggae


La Saga by IAM
(Philippe Fragione, Geoffroy Mussard)

  • Recorded in '96 and first issued on their album “L'Ecole Du Micro D'Argent” in March, 1997. 9.4 “Classic” Hip Hop / Rap


Maqam by Clotaire K
(Clotaire K)

  • Recorded in 2002. Issued on his album “Lebanese” (Nocturne ‎NTCD-325, 2003). 9.4 “Classic” Hip Hop / Rap


Embarquement (Végétale) by Ulan Bator
(Amaury Cambuzat, Olivier Manchion, Franck Lantignac)

  • Closing track on their album “Végétale” in 1997. 8.9 “Excellent” Post-Punk


Psyché Rock by Les Yper-Sound
(Pierre Henry, Michel Colombier)

  • Les Yper-Sound was a one-off collaboration between Pierre Henry (b. 1927) a French composer, considered a pioneer of the musique concrète genre of electronic music and Michel Colombier (1939 – 2004) a French composer, songwriter, arranger, and conductor who wrote the scores of several motion pictures, ballets and TV productions. The two wrote the music for “Messe Pour Le Temps Present Present”, a contemporary ballet created by choreographer Maurice Béjart in 1967 which was considered to be a spectacular production at that time. “Psyché Rock” was the second track on the album and was also released on their “Too Fortiche / Psyché Rock” EP (Fontana 460 233 ME) issued in the same year, 1967. 8.4 “Fantastic” Cerebral Pop


L’empereur Tomato Ketchup by Bérurier Noir
(François Guillemot, Laurent Katrakazos, Tomas Heuer, Noël Rota, Laul, Florence Duquesne, La Petite Titi)

  • A single (Bondage Records BR-003) released in 1986. 6.7 “Good” Punk


Est-Ce Que Je Suis? by Daevid Allen, Gong
(Daevid Allen)

  • A single (BYG Records 129.021) released in 1970. 7.7 “Great” Cerebral Pop


Laisse Tomber Les Filles by France Gall
(Serge Gainsbourg)

  • Title-track to her EP (Philips 434.949 BE) released in 1964. 7.3 “Really good” Pop


Time To Dance by Shoes
(Guillaume Briere, Benjamin Lebeau)

  • From their debut album “Crack My Bones”, released in March 2011. 6.7 “Good” Cerebral Pop


Streets Of Paris by The Teenagers
(Michael Szpiner, Dorian Dumont, Quentin Delafon)

  • From their album “Reality Check” ‎(XL Recordings MECD-10) in 2008. 8 “Fantastic” Indie


Take A Ride by The Questions

  • Recorded in 1980, and featured in the film “Le Brune et Moi” in 1981. First released, as far as I can tell, on the v/a compilation LP “My Girlfriend Was A Punk!” in 2000. The Questions were a one-off moniker for “Les Lou’s”. 6.9 “Good” Punk


Enormous Pop by The Wendy Darlings

  • First out as a single in 2008, before appearing on their mini-album “We Come With Friendly Purposes” (Lostmusic Records ‎LMC-003) later in the same year. Fantastic. Pop as it should be. 8.4 “Fantastic” Indie


J’entends Des Voix by April March and Aquaserge
(Elinor Blake, Audrey Ginestet, Benjamin Glibert, Julien Barbagallo, Julien Gasc)

  • From their album “April March & Aquaserge” ‎(Freaksville Records FRVR-43) released in May, 2013. 7.2 “Really good” Indie


Cosmic Trip by Air
(Jean-Benoit Dunckel, Nicolas Godin)

  • From their album “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” (Virgin 5099995562421) in 2012. 7.2 “Really good” Cerebral Pop


Raconte-Moi Une Histoire by M83
(Anthony Gonzalez, Yan Gonzalez, Morgan Kibby, Brad Laner, Justin Meldal-Johnsen)

  • From their album “Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.” ‎(Naïve NV-824311) released in 2011. Funny and fun… for 4 minutes I was 4 again… 8.6 “Excellent” Electronica


An Ethereal World Created Through The Poetic Imagination by Hiss : 1292
(François-Xavier Zoumenou)

  • Lead track on their EP “Aetherius Society” (Dement3d Records DM3D-006) in 2013. 8.9 “Excellent” Alternative Dance


Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo
(Quentin Dupieux)

  • A single released by French house musician Mr. Oizo in 1999, featured as a bonus track on his debut album “Analog Worms Attack”. Flat Eric, the video's head-banging puppet, helped shoot the instrumental to #1 in the UK. 5.6 “Alright” Club


La Lettre by Lunatic
(Christophe Montout, Eli Yaffa, Yassine Sekkoumi)

  • From their album “Mauvais Oeil” in 2000. 8.5 “Excellent” Hip Hop / Rap


Techniques Illegales De Juxtaposition Des Angles by La Peste
(Laurent Mialon)

  • The flip-side to his 12” “Sexe/Mort Vs. Rupture/Structure” (Hangars Liquides 13) issued in 2000. 8.1 “Fantastic” Avant-Garde


Topaze by Emmanuelle Parrenin
(Emmanuelle Parrenin, Bruno Menny)

  • From her LP “Maison Rose” (Ballon Noir BAL-13001) issued in 1977. 7.7 “Great” Avant-Garde


I’ll Read You A Story by Colleen
(Cécile Schott)

  • From her album “The Golden Morning Breaks” ‎(Leaf BAY-48CD) in 2005. 8 “Fantastic” Avant-Garde


Cuckoo by Èglantine Gouzy
(Èglantine Gouzy)

  • From her album “Boamaster” (Osaka OSA-007) in 2005. 8.9 “Excellent” Electronica


Me And My Horses by Syd Matters
(Jonathan Morali, Clément Carle, Jean-Yves Lozac’h, Olivier Marguerit, Rémi Alexandre)

  • From their album “Ghost Days” ‎(Because Music BEC-5772179) in 2008. 7.6 “Great” Psychedelia


I <3 U So by Cassius
(Hubert Blanc-Francard, Philippe Cerboneschi)

  • A single (Ed Banger Records ED-045) release in 2010. A rather huge production, reminds me of The Aloof’s “One Night Stand”. 7 “Really good” Dreamgaze


Youth Conspiration by Future
(Yann Canévet, Brice Delourmel)

  • Good noise pop from Paris, influenced on this occasion by A Place To Bury Strangers. Was self-released as a single in 2012, available as a free download. 6.6 “Good” Post-Punk


Away by Team Ghost
(Nicolas Fromageau, Christophe Guérin, Benoît de Villeneuve, Pierre Blanc, Félix Delacroix, Jean-Philippe Talaga)

  • First out on their “Dead Film Star” EP (wSphere 3265525) in 2012. 7.8 “Great” Dreamgaze


Peng by Dondolo
(Romain Guerret)

  • Good third track on his “Peng” single (Invicta Hi-Fi ‎LIQ-022CD) in 2003, described as the “Full Version”. 7 “Really good” Club


Out Of The Woods by Pongoid

  • Dated to the release of the v/a compile “African Expedisound Audio Report” (IOT Records EXPCD-01) in 2004. 7.4 “Really good” Drum n Bass


Amerika by 4 Stars
(Gaspard Wuta Mayi)

  • Although mostly Zairean, Les Quatre Etoilles were formed in, and based in, Paris. “Amerika” was first issued on “Zairean Stars Show in the U.S.” (Kilimanjaro International KIP-006 LP, 1988). It's my favourite track on the LP and opens Side 2 which, I'm pretty certain, was all recorded in the studio. 7.4 “Really good” Africana


Devotion [mobscene remix] by Kap Bambino
(Caroline Martial, Orion Bouvier)

  • From their EP “Devotion” (Because Music ‎BEC-5161240) in 2012. The original had been on their s/t album the year before. File under “cool with a sense of fun” alongside Go Team, MIA and such-like… 7.6 “Great” Alternative Dance


Independence [original mix] by Agoria
(Sébastien Devaud)

  • From his “Independence EP” (Ellum Audio ELL-031) released in October 2015. 7.7 “Great” Club


You Make Milf Ill by Llamatron

  • Streamable from September, 2009. Made the Festive 50. The sound of warstep outta Grenoble. 6.5 “Good” Drum n Bass


Hot Potatoes by Refractory

  • From their album “Hot Potatoes” (Under Cover UC-472) in 2008. 6.3 “Quite good” Moodcore


Baise Les Gens by Klub des Loosers
(Romain Goehrs)

  • First out as a 12″ (Record Makers REC-09) in 2003 before settling down to live on the Klub des Loosers full-length, “Vive La Vie” (Record Makers REC-18) a year later. 8.5 “Excellent” Hip Hop / Rap


Frère Jacques by André Claveau and Mathé Altéry, orchestra conducted by Pierre Guillermin
(Jean-Philippe Rameau)

  • From the LP “Best Loved French Folk Songs” (Monitor Records) released in 1963. 5.8 “Alright” Folk


Le Chant Des Partisans by Germaine Sablon
(Anna Marly, Joseph Kessel, Maurice Druon)

  • The Chant des Partisans was the most popular song of the Free French and French Resistance during World War II. The piece was written and put to melody in London in 1943 after Anna Marly heard a Russian song that provided her with inspiration. Joseph Kessel and Maurice Druon wrote the French lyrics. The definitive version was recorded by Germaine Sablon in Ealing, Surrey on Monday May 31 1943 for the propaganda film “Three Songs about Resistance”. It was also performed by Anna Marly and broadcast by the BBC. The lyrics of the song revolve around the idea of a life-or-death struggle for national liberation, and they also carry elements of a communist political message (for example, calling upon the workers and peasants to rise up). After the war the Chant des Partisans was so popular, it was proposed as a new national anthem for France. It became for a short while the unofficial national anthem, next to the official La Marseillaise. Anna Marly also wrote and performed a more introspective song, La Complainte du Partisan, which was later adapted and translated into English as “The Partisan”. It was most famously covered by Leonard Cohen. The two songs are sometimes confused. In Korea, the melody of the song was adopted as the march of the Korean Liberation Army. 7.8 “Great” Folk


Beesan Rum – A Song For Anna by Gilb’R
(Gilbert Cohen)

  • From the v/a EP “Acid Arab Collections / EP03” (Versatile Records ‎VER-098) released in January, 2015. 7.6 “Great” Dubbeat


Little Love by AaRON
(Simon Buret, Olivier Coursier)

  • From his album “Waves From The Road” (Cinq 7 ‎3251532) in 2011. 7.4 “Really good” Songwriter


All My Colours by Nouvelle Vague featuring Ian McCulloch
(Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch, Les Pattinson, Pete de Freitas)

  • From their EP “3” (Play It Again Sam PIASR-161-CD) released in June, 2009. Originally done by Echo and The Bunnymen in 1981. 8.7 “Excellent” Moodcore


Mathilde by Claude Nougaro
(Jacques Brel, Gérard Jouannest)

  • From his LP “Récréation” in 1974. Originally done by Jacques Brel in 1964. 6.6 “Good” Crooner / Cabaret


La Valse A Mille Temps by Michèle Arnaud
(Jacques Brel)

  • Released as a single (Ducretet Thomson 460-V-471) in January 1960. Originally done by Jacques Brel in 1959. 7.5 “Great” Crooner / Cabaret


Jim On The Move by Lizzy Mercier Descloux
(Lalo Schifrin)

  • Opening track on her debut LP “Press Color” in 1979. 8 “Fantastic” Post-Punk


Stand By 91 by Probe 1

  • From split EP “Breakomatik” (Torsion Records TRS-002) in 2004. 6.7 “Good” Drum n Bass


L’Abandon [excerpt in the mix] by Jean Le Fennec
(Jean Le Fennec)

  • First out in limited quantities as a 7” single in 1968 and served as the opening track on his LP “Phantastic” ‎(Barclay 920-134) in 1969. 6.5 “Good” Psychedelia


I Don’t Wanna Be A Rich by Guilty Razors
(Carlos Perez)

  • Title track on their 3 track EP in 1978. 7 “Really good” Punk


Secrets [version anglaise] by Dogs
(Antoine Massy Perrier, Dominique Laboubée)


It’s All Over by Reverberation
(Thierry Bernardon)

  • An exclusive for “Volume 13 - The Lucky Issue” (Volume ‎13VCD13) in 2005. A longer version (titled “It's All Over Now”) would appear on their debut album “Blue Stereo Music” the following year. 7.1 “Really good” Moodcore


Love Me 2 by Joakim
(Joakim Bouaziz)

  • From their album “Monsters & Silly Songs” ‎(Versatile Records VERCD-018) in 2006. 7.6 “Great” Trance Rock


Walk With Me by Djedjotronic
(Jérémy Cottereau)

  • Lead track on his “Walk With Me” EP (BNR Trax BNR-TRAX-12) in 2012. 7 “Really good” Club


Soundboy [dj hybrid jungle remix] by DJ Inspecta and Ride One featuring Sweetie Irie

  • From the “Soundboy EP” (Jungle Alliance Recordings JAD-004) released in March 2015. 7.6 “Great” Drum n Bass


Summertime by Kitty Kawaii
(Kitty Kawaii)

  • Good 2012 single from the outlandish urban raver from Bordeaux. 6.7 “Good” Electronica


Fade To Grey by Simi Nah featuring Kenny Germain B
(Billy Currie, Midge Ure, Chris Payne)

  • From her album “Be My Guest”. Originally done by Visage in 1980. 6 “Quite good” Electronica


Tears Of Your Heart by Buck 65 featuring Olivia Ruiz
(Richard Terfry)

  • From his album “20 Odd Years” ‎(WEA 2564-67727-6) in 2011. 6.8 “Good” Cerebral Pop


Dust It Off by The Dø
(Olivia Merilahti, Dan Levy)

  • Opening track on their “Both Ways Open Jaws” album in 2011. 6.8 “Good” Songwriter


Feed Me Rainbows by Ninca Leece
(Ninca Leece)

  • A single (Thesongsays SONG-03) in 2010. 7.3 “Really good” Club


Pepper Box by The Peppers
(Peter Arpadys, Mathias Camison)

  • First out as a single ‎(Sirocco 48001) in 1973. Synthpop is coming… 6.9 “Good” New Wave


Rainbow Man by Busy P
(Pierre Winter)

  • Single ‎(Ed Banger Records ED-014) released in 2007. 6.8 “Good” Electronica


Waters Of Nazareth by Justice
(Gaspard Augé, Xavier de Rosnay)

  • Single ‎(Ed Banger Records ED-005.2) released in 2006. 6.7 “Good” Club


Nuis Octury by Kangding Ray
(David Letellier)

  • From his EP “Tempered Inmid” (Stroboscopic Artefacts SA-017) in 2013. 7 “Really good” Alternative Dance


They Don’t Want Your Well Being by Mental D-structure
(Evelyne Manganese)

  • First out on the freely downloadable 2009 compilation “Aaaaargh!” (Digital Vomit ‎DVR-047). Evelyne Manganese's project, begun in 2006, became Mental D-struction in 2008, due to some problem with the industrial Swedish band, Mental Destruction. She trades in a type of atmospheric speedcore, orchestral noisecore, power electronic melt, occasionally touching on extreme metal. 6.7 “Good” Electronica


Horror Song by Lilidollrage
(Sandra Bouqueuniaux, Serge Nowak)

  • Lip snarling action from these noisy grrrls from Lille. This one opens their 2010 set “Horror Songs”, available on a pay what you want basis at Bandcamp. 6.6 “Good” Alternative Rock


Ecoutez by Elsa
(Claude Mevel, Elsa Darde)

  • First released on her “Tristesse” EP (Mercury 152.067 MCE) in France, 1966. 8.5 “Excellent” Pop


Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi by 5 Gentlemen
(Jean Fredenucci)

  • B-side to “Dis-Nous Dylan” in 1966. 7.3 “Really good” Cerebral Pop


Quand On Se Promene Au Bord De L’Eau by Jean Gabin
(Julien Duvivier, Maurice Yvain)

  • Recorded in Paris, 1936. “Quand on se promene” (valse) translates as “When you walk” (waltz). 6.7 “Good” Folk


Retour Des Hirondelles by Robert Trognée et ses Virtuoses
(Blackie Pagano, Robert Trognée)

  • Recorded in Paris, May 1935. “Retour des hirondelles” (valse) translates as “Return of the swallows” (waltz). 6.6 “Good” Folk


Les Blouses Blanches [live ’60] by Édith Piaf
(Marguerite Monnot, Michel Rivgauche)

  • Closing track on her LP “Récital 1961” ‎(Columbia FSX-133) recorded live in 1960, released in 1961. Sinister Édith. I like it… 8.4 “Fantastic” Crooner / Cabaret


PPPO by Miss Kittin with The Hacker
(Caroline Hervé, Michel Amato)

  • From their EP “PPPO People Pleasure Objects Power” (Nobody's Bizzness ‎BIZZ-5) released in March, 2009. 7.7 “Great” Electronica


Z’avez Pas Lu Kafka by Suzanne Gabriello
(Nino Ferrer, Suzanne Gabriello)

  • Closing track on her 4-track EP (Barclay ‎71-084) issued in 1966. 7 “Really good” Pop


La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser by Sylvie Vartan
(Charles Aznavour, Georges Garvarentz)

  • Issued as a single in April, 1964. 8.2 “Fantastic” Pop


Check Chuck [breton labs remix] by Composer
(Eric Raynaud, Guillaume Eluerd)

  • From EP “Check Chuck Remixes” (Infiné ‎IF-3014) in 2012. Remix of the French duo’s 2011 single. 7.2 “Really good” Electronica


Les Saisons Viennent by Ensemble
(Olivier Alary)

  • Originally from Toulouse, Olivier Alary created Ensemble as his musical persona in 1998, as a platform to explore the meeting point between melodic noise and disjointed pop. This one’s from his 3rd album “Excerpts”, released in January 2011. 7.4 “Really good” Songwriter


Bullit by Watermät
(Laurent Arriau)

  • Single (Spinnin' Deep SPDEEP-112) release in May, 2014. 7 “Really good” Club


Elucider Ce Mystère by Soon E MC
(Jean Ilunga)

  • Single release (EMI France ‎1737692) in 1992. 7.1 “Really good” Hip Hop / Rap


To The End by Blur with Françoise Hardy
(Damon Albarn, Françoise Hardy)

  • From their EP “Blur's Country House” (Food CDFOOD-63) in 1995. Class. 9.9 “All-time classic” Indie


La Marseillaise by Mireille Mathieu
(Giovanni Battista Viotti, Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle)

  • Mireille's stirring version, very much in the old traditional style, was issued in France as a 7” single back in 1988 (EMI 1736697). She was commissioned to record the song to help commemorate the 100th year of the Eiffel Tower in 1989. One of my most memorable nights ever was in a French café in 1998 watching the Romania vs England game. I led half the gathering with “Flower of Scotland” from a table top, which was followed by a Lyonnaise gentleman by the name of Bruno doing the same with “La Marseillaise”. There were big smiles, clinking of glasses and man hugs all over the place. On this dark weekend (mid November 2015) I stand shoulder to shoulder with Bruno and all of my French brothers and sisters. The deranged beasts masquerading as men of religion can never win. Solidarité de Glasgow. 8.5 “Excellent” Crooner / Cabaret

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