Playlist: The Good You Do Lives After You

TJR presents… The Good You Do Lives After You

  • A playlist created to mark the occasion of what would have been John Peel's 80th birthday on the 30th August, 2019. It features one track per year from when he was born (1939) to date, adhering to my year criteria as always. I compiled it from the perspective of John's personal favourites, without trying to be too obvious, thereby keeping the playback fresh. Soppy sod that I am, I shall revisit the list on the 30th August every year to plant a new tune for my greatest musical hero.
  • 82 tracks, runtime 5h 51m.
  • Rebel Rating: 9.22 “A masterpiece”
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aged 0
Your Feets Too Big by Fats Waller and his Rhythm
(Ada Benson, Fred Fisher)
the USA
6.3 “Quite good” Jazz
TJR saysJohn Ravenscroft is born in Heswall, on the Wirral, 30-Aug-1939, 2 months ahead of Fats recording. He'd later select this one for his Peelennium special.



aged 1
Parchman Farm Blues by Bukka White
(Booker White)
the USA
8.5 “Excellent” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
TJR saysPeelie couldn't get enough of this one from set 4 of Harry Smith's Anthology and nor can I. Bukka's deep brand of country blues is the real deal.



aged 2
Stormy Weather by Lena Horne with orchestra conducted by Lou Bring
(Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler)
the USA
8.4 “Fantastic” Crooner / Cabaret
TJR saysWe know John loved the Frances Langford version of a decade earlier, Lena's rendition with Lou Bring, recorded in December, 1941, is a real stunner.



aged 3
Cow-Cow Boogie by Freddie Slack and his Orchestra featuring Ella Mae Morse
(Benny Carter, Gene DePaul, Don Raye)
the USA
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Big Band / Jive / Swing
TJR saysJohn played the fabulous Slack / Morse combi in the 90s, so for '42 we put the needle on the record for the swing beat goes like this…



aged 4
The Munition Worker, parts 1 and 2 by Robb Wilton
(Robb Wilton)
9.2 “Classic” Comedy
TJR saysWar themed recordings featured in several years of the Peelennium, and Liverpudlian Robb Wilton captures some of the great British humour which proved to be a powerful weapon in itself.



aged 5
Talking Sailor by Woody Guthrie
(Woody Guthrie)
the USA
9.9 “All-time classic” Folk
TJR saysHe came to appreciate Woody Guthrie, Billy Bragg eventually warming him up. The politics were in line. Gonna blow them Fascists all to Hell. Win some freedom. Liberty. Stuff like that.



aged 6
Be-Baba-Le-Ba by Helen Humes with Bill Doggett Octet
(Helen Humes)
the USA
7.7 “Great” Big Band / Jive / Swing
TJR saysThis R & B diva would would later be included on the “Pig's Big 78” feature. In '45, a teenage Little Richard was listening in methinks.



aged 7
Open The Door Richard! by Jack McVea and his All Stars
(David Kapp, Dusty Fletcher, Jack McVea, John Mason)
the USA
8.8 “Excellent” Jazz
TJR saysMcVea's rowdy band members caught Peel's attention & this October '46 recording, a US Top 10 hit, was included in the Peelennium. Did anyone ever find out what Richard was up to?



aged 8
I Can’t Be Satisfied by Muddy Waters with rhythm accompaniment
(McKinley Morganfield)
the USA
9.4 “Classic” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
TJR saysMuddy was "possibly" his 1st blues LP c1958: “My mother, a woman of extraordinary judgement and taste, thought it one of the best things she'd ever heard, and she was quite right.



aged 9
Put Down Yore Shootin’ Iron, Pappy by Esmereldy and her Shotgun Five
(Fine, Sonner)
the USA
7.7 “Great” Country
TJR saysJohn was fair taken with the Elka Zolot cover version in the 90s, so I look back to the original hot-diggity yee-haw released in March, 1948.



aged 10
Richest Guy In The Graveyard by Dinah Washington
(Louis Palmer, Frank Hedges)
the USA
8.3 “Fantastic” Jazz
TJR saysPeelie selected Dinah for the Peelennium of '43, so I end the decade with some sage advice from the lady on this excellent Nov '49 release. Can't take it with ya!



aged 11
The Thing by Phil Harris
(Charles Randolph Grean)
the USA
9.5 “All-time classic” Novelty
TJR saysI can sing every word of this evergreen Peel classic, and taught my then-6-year-old to do the same; can there be a finer tribute to the DJ?



aged 12
Dust My Broom by Elmo James
(Robert Johnson, Elmore James)
the USA
9.5 “All-time classic” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
TJR saysElmore was an ever-present on the wingding all throughout every decade. “Dust My Broom” featured in the Peelennium, and was played on his epic and emotional final show as a Pirate Radio DJ. #badass



aged 13
Blue Tango by Ray Martin and his Orchestra
(Leroy Anderson)
7.9 “Great” Orchestra Dance
TJR saysThe teenage JP buys his first record as depicted. Seismic! “It is embarrassing there’s no question about that” he says. Not at all! Mine was Young Parisians, aged 11. What's yours?



aged 14
Weary Blues From Waitin’ by Hank Williams with his Drifting Cowboys
(Hank Williams)
the USA
9.6 “All-time classic” Country
TJR saysHaving lived in Texas, John always felt that, in a funny way, country was a part of him; his predilection was for devastatingly tragic tales and other songs of utter misery.



aged 15
Wine, Whiskey, Women by Papa Lightfoot
(Alexander Lightfoot)
the USA
9.9 “All-time classic” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
TJR saysIn real-time, Elvis blew him away in '56, but later discovery of Lightfoot et al was like a new earthquake. Played this beaut right from his early days at the Beeb in late 60s.



aged 16
Oh, Didn’t He Ramble [live '54] by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band, vocal by Monty Sunshine
(William Christopher Handy)
5.2 “Average” Jazz
TJR saysThe 15-y-o schoolboy ups the ante with his first LP (as depicted), feat. the banjo of his first musical hero, Lonnie Donegan: “For me, he was the man who pushed the button that started it all.



aged 17
Be-Bop-A-Lula by Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps
(Vincent Craddock, William Douchette)
the USA
8.4 “Fantastic” Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
TJR saysGV was John's ultimate Rock n Roller: “Gene looked, as I dreamed of looking, completely out of control… unlike most of the others… he was always a rocker.



aged 18
Honest I Do by Jimmy Reed
(Jimmy Reed)
the USA
9.8 “All-time classic” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
TJR saysWe know that if he was only allowed 8 records on a desert island, one of them would be a Jimmy Reed; Peel's adoration of the ace bluesman was constant.



aged 19
I Almost Lost My Mind by Duane Eddy
(Ivory Joe Hunter)
the USA
9.9 “All-time classic” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
TJR saysJP, from various interviews: “one of my greatest heroes… the supreme achievement of the 20th century… at times of stress our home throbs to his music”. The twang's the thang!



aged 20
Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny
(Santo Farina, Johnny Farina, Ann Farina )
the USA
8.6 “Excellent” Rock n Roll Ballad
TJR saysHe was never really built for rambling and, in the early 60s when he lived in Dallas, TX, he'd play Santo & Johnny (the Farina bros.) to himself and dream of going home; an evergreen Peel classic.



aged 21
Sugar Bee by Cleveland Crochet and band
(Eddie Shuler)
the USA
9.0 “Classic” Rock n Roll / Rockabilly
TJR saysAnother from John's famous box of precious 45s. He said of it: “It is my sacred duty to play you these records every once in a while because you do need to hear 'em, you know?” So true.



aged 22
A Red Flower by Ivor Cutler
(Ivor Cutler)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Storytelling
TJR saysThe idiosyncratic one found his greatest champion in Peel, and Cutler's omnipresence on the show won him new fans in every decade from the 60s to the 90s.



aged 23
Rough And Tough by Stranger
(Wilburn Cole, Duke Reid)
9.8 “All-time classic” Ska / Rocksteady
TJR saysThe good you do lives after you” ~ Stranger Cole represents! Playing Ska to the hippies on the Pirates was classic Peel; over the years he overcame hostility from eclectically-challenged listeners & clueless station bosses to the benefit of worldwide culture.



aged 24
Seat In The Kingdom by The Hightower Brothers
(Nick Hightower)
the USA
9.9 “All-time classic” Soul
TJR saysJohn was forever on the search for the extra-ordinary from the past, present and future. I mean, have you heard this 13-year-old gospel singer?



aged 25
It’s Over by Roy Orbison
(Roy Orbison, Bill Dees)
the USA
6.6 “Good” Crooner / Cabaret
TJR saysJohn was a bit of a bathtub-baritone and would keep a cassette of his beloved Roy Orbison in the car. Our hero on Carpool Karaoke, can you imagine?



aged 26
Sail Away Ladies by John Fahey
(John Fahey)
the USA
8.1 “Fantastic” Alternative Folk
TJR saysTo paraphrase a wise man, this mixtape might not be what you want, but it's what you need. Stirring east-meets-west action here, beautiful playing without all the tedious histrionics.



aged 27
Up In Her Room by The Seeds
(Richard Marsh)
the USA
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Trance Rock
TJR saysWhen I lived in Los Angeles – international man! – I used to hang around with the Seeds. Well, not so much hang around but get in their way I suppose.” ~ The Peelmeister



aged 28
Electricity by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
(Don Van Vliet, Herb Bermann)
the USA
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Psychedelia
TJR saysIf there has ever been such a thing as a genius in the history of pop music, it’s Beefheart… there never was a greater, not even Mark E. Smith.” ~ John Peel



aged 29
Viet Nam War, parts 1 and 2 by Lightnin’ Hopkins
(Samuel Hopkins)
the USA
7.2 “Really good” Blues / Rhythm n Blues
TJR saysPowerful topicality from the 55-y-o bluesman. Peel 2001: “I love Lightnin’ Hopkins you know. I've still got more vinyl LPs by Lightnin’ Hopkins than by any other artist.



aged 30
Ask Me No Questions by Bridget St. John
(Bridget Hobbs)
9.6 “All-time classic” Folk
TJR saysDandelion Records is born; “a half-witted, idealistic notion that any profits should go to the artists.” Peel the producer! Hark the exquisite, gentle beauty of Bridget St. John. “A bit of a masterwork, I see it as being.” ~ JP



aged 31
Black Uncle Remus by Loudon Wainwright III
(Loudon Wainwright III)
the USA
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Folk
TJR saysLoudon thought him the “mighty John Peel” and John was likewise charmed by Loudon's sharp pen and sardonic wit, booking 15 sessions between 1971 and 2003.



aged 32
Blood And Fire by Niney
(Winston Holness)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Reggae
TJR saysAt least half of every programme I do should be filled by reggae records” ~ passionately getting a bit carried away was all part of the Peel charm!



aged 33
Bodybuilding by Orchester Werner Müller
9.8 “All-time classic” Cerebral Pop
TJR saysThe wingding was peppered with idiosyncrasy for as long as I can remember (mid 80s on) and I'm taking a curator's punt that he'd've been all over “The In-Kraut” comps of 2005.



aged 34
Für Immer by Neu!
(Klaus Dinger, Michael Rother)
9.0 “Classic” Trance Rock
TJR saysHe would often scoff at hipsters but, of course, your Uncle John was the hippest of your hipster's best hipster and brought Neu! to the party for everyone to hear in 1973.



aged 35
Down Down by Status Quo
(Francis Rossi, Bob Young)
7.7 “Great” Rock
TJR saysJohn marries Sheila the day after his birthday “thereby minimising the chances of him forgetting our anniversary”. Good move.



aged 36
The World Turned Upside Down, part 2 by Leon Rosselson and Roy Bailey
(Leon Rosselson)
9.9 “All-time classic” Folk
TJR saysHe'd been playing Leon since the 60s, and this was a fantastic highlight from the playlists of 1975. Was Billy Bragg listening in?



aged 37
Vivian Richards by King Short Shirt
(Mclean Emmanuel)
Antigua and Barbuda
8.8 “Excellent” Caribbean
TJR saysThe pride of the West Indies! “When I first heard him, I thought King Short Shirt was going to become the Bob Marley of calypso unhappily it didn't happen.” ~ John Peel



aged 38
I Gave My Punk Jacket To Rickie by Mary Monday and The Bitches
(Mary Monday, Don Lamb)
the USA
8.7 “Excellent” Punk
TJR saysAll sorts of miscreants were to be found in the playlists of '77 and this “very wonderful record” eventually found a home in John's box of precious 45s.



aged 39
Bafflin’ Smoke Signal by Lee Perry
(Rainford Hugh Perry)
9.7 “All-time classic” Reggae
TJR saysFire 'pon Rome on this classic 45 from 'the box'. Had John been given a second crack at Desert Island Discs, “The Kenny Dalglish of reggae” was queued up as a cert in the line-up!



aged 40
There Must Be Thousands by The Quads
(S. Jones, Jim Doherty)
8.8 “Excellent” New Wave
TJR saysTo cheer himself up when he hit the big 4-0 in Aug '79, John played 40 all-time faves in 2 nights, including this newbie, which became a Peelennium pick and ended up in 'the box'.



aged 41
The Boiler [peel session] by The Bodysnatchers
(Rhoda Dakar, Sarah Jane Owen, Stella Barker, Nicky Summers, Penny Leyton, Miranda Joyce, Jane Summers)
9.0 “Classic” Ska / Rocksteady
TJR saysDespite Peel's best efforts, this lot never got to an album, but this thrice-broadcast sesh, putting date-rape on the agenda, tells much. It's upsetting, be careful.



aged 42
Release The Bats [peel session] by The Birthday Party
(Nick Cave, Mick Harvey)
8.5 “Excellent” Post-Punk
TJR saysJohn's single of the year. “He was the only one who would go near us: he played us a lot, we did a lot of Peel Sessions with him, and thank you John” ~ Nick Cave



aged 43
Shipbuilding by Robert Wyatt
(Declan MacManus, Clive Langer)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Jazz
TJR saysMy favourite ever Robert was my dad; my second favourite, Robert Wyatt.” In the wake of the Falklands war, this career-defining song emerged from John's old pal, defining poignancy.



aged 44
Lion Rock [peel session] by Culture
(Joseph Hill)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Reggae
TJR saysJamdung genius, and a Ravenscroft family holiday mixtape winner, the cartoon car bobbing down the motorway in choral unison. He was a great storyteller was John!



aged 45
Come Back by The Mighty Wah!
(Pete Wylie)
9.5 “All-time classic” Cerebral Pop
TJR saysLiverpool FC champions of Europe? Pete Wylie singing “A small belief can mean you'll never walk alone”? For John, the single-of-the-year in 1984 was a no-contest affair. Awesome.



aged 46
Vimbayi, parts 1 and 2 by Four Brothers
(Marshall Munhumumwe)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Africana
TJR saysYou won't find them in the Festive 50, but Zimbabwe's blindingly excellent Four Brothers are one of Planet Earth's greatest-ever groups. Peel says so and so do I. So there.



aged 47
Kudendere by Harare Mambos
(Newman Chipeni)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Africana
TJR saysFor your keenest John Peel fans, one of life's great joys was eventually tracking down and learning to spell one of the dearly loved obscuros. This one's for me. #ThanksJohn



aged 48
The Motorcade Sped On [n.m.e. version] by Steinski and The Mass Media featuring D.J. E.T.
(Steve Stein)
the USA
9.7 “All-time classic” Hip Hop / Rap
TJR saysSuperb piece, & pertinent too. When in Dallas, John met JFK and was there as a pretend reporter when Lee Harvey Oswald was introduced to the press. Look it up!



aged 49
Flow Coma by 808 State
(Gerald Simpson, Graham Massey, Martin Price)
8.7 “Excellent” Alternative Dance
TJR saysStunning track. The freshness of the UK Acid House scene was music to John's ears in 1988; he would bemoan the lack of this sort of thing in the listeners annual Festive 50.



aged 50
Wrote For Luck [think about the future mix] by Happy Mondays
(Shaun Ryder, Paul Ryder, Mark Day, Paul Davis, Gary Whelan, Mark Berry)
9.8 “All-time classic” Alternative Dance
TJR saysHe was a bit wary of these happy hooligans but loved 'em all the same, and had been giving them long-term support since '86 to help them on their way.



aged 51
Teenage Kicks by Pink Turds In Space
(John Joseph O’Neill)
Northern Ireland
8.7 “Excellent” Punk
TJR saysBarbed wire love from these Belfastian anarchists. John loved a well chosen cover and went out of his way to collect Teenage Kicks variants. PTIS were fronted by a Derry girl too!



aged 52
Retour Des Hirondelles / Tune For A Found Harmonium by Sharon Shannon
(Blackie Pagano, Robert Trognée - Simon Jeffes)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Folk
TJR saysJohn breathlessly extolled the virtues of this scintillating play; hark & behold the majesty of the Shannon in full flow, uncanny synergy all-over.



aged 53
Kimble [peel session] by The Fall
(Rainford Hugh Perry)
9.6 “All-time classic” Dubbeat
TJR saysJah Hanley & co deliver Wingding exclusive. From his decks 400 yds away in a field in a Berkshire, Peel once resurrected me from the horizontal to the vertical with this. #miraculous



aged 54
Temple Head by Transglobal Underground
(Tim Whelan, Hamilton Lee, Nick Page, R. Harris)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Tripbeat
TJR saysJohn was way ahead of the game on TGU and in many ways they really captured the flavour of his show, cultivating fresh sounds, espousing innovation.



aged 55
Quit Calling Me From Jail by Blood On The Saddle
(Greg Davis)
the USA
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Punk
TJR saysEver the fan and collector, the DJ followed certain catalogues keenly, and the Kill Rock Stars label threw up many gems including these insane Country Punks.



aged 56
Transmission by Low
(Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Ian Curtis)
the USA
9.5 “All-time classic” Moodcore
TJR saysRadio. Live transmission, now broadcasting from home for the first time. Low visited Peel Acres in 2003, but John was snowbound in London. “They were so disappointed he wasn’t there,” remembers Sheila.



aged 57
Tell Me About Poverty by Calvin Party
(John Donaldson)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Indie
TJR saysThe completely magnificent John Donaldson sings songs that need to be sung. Utterly adored by Peel, by me and all people of exquisite taste.



aged 58
Does Your Heart Go Boom by Helen Love
(Helen Love)
9.5 “All-time classic” Indie
TJR saysDont miss their “John Peel's Roadshow” tribute from 2009, it's just superb. Meantime, we revel in this Peelennium pick and Festive 50 biggie, an affectionate Kula Shaker tribute.



aged 59
Colors And The Kids by Cat Power
(Charlyn Marshall)
the USA
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Moodcore
TJR saysCat came to play at Peel Acres: “John appears slightly miffed that everybody seems to be having a good time in the kitchen (listening to Radio 2!) while he's working alone on the show,” recalled Sheila.



aged 60
Do You Wanna Go Our Way??? by Public Enemy
(Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, Gary Rinaldo)
the USA
9.2 “Classic” Hip Hop / Rap
TJR saysSince the 80s, John had to dig in against station bosses for Hip Hop, but he always won. Public Enemy were massive with him late 80s / early 90s and he came back at millennium's end.



aged 61
Somewhere, Some Night by Laura Cantrell
(Carl Montgomery)
the USA
9.5 “All-time classic” Country
TJR saysJP on this stupendous LP: “My favourite record of the last ten years and possibly my life.” The listenership conversion to Laura was a great personal victory for him.



aged 62
Health And Efficiency [peel session] by Cinerama
(David Gedge, Simon Cleave)
7.6 “Great” Moodcore
TJR saysThe boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Era. You may dispute this, but I’m right and you’re wrong!” ~ JP's right again you know.



aged 63
Thy Damnation Slumbereth Not by Half Man Half Biscuit
(Nigel Blackwell, Neil Crossley, Ken Hancock, Carl Henry)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Indie
TJR saysIn a decently ordered society members of HMHB would be routinely carried shoulder high through the streets of every city they visited.” ~ JP nails it yet again.



aged 64
John Peel Is Not Enough by CLSM
(Jon Pitts)
9.6 “All-time classic” Club
TJR saysand beyond adventurous is John Peel, the only hope of a kick-drum led track above 150BPM. John Peel is not enough.” < CLSM kens the score.



aged 65
Time For Change by Klute
(Tom Withers)
8.0 “Fantastic” Drum n Bass
TJR saysJohn's final record was broadcast, live from 'Peel Acres', at approximately 6 minutes to 1 in the wee small hours of Friday, 15th October 2004. He bowed out in typical Peel fashion, supporting this fantastic track by a local Ipswich lad.



w/be aged 66
Youwanner by The Fall
(Mark E. Smith, Steven Trafford, Simon Archer)
9.8 “All-time classic” Trance Rock
TJR saysAfter hugging family, the first things he'd want to know in 2005 would be: “How are 'Pool doing?” [Euro champions again!] “And what of The Fall?” [New album!]



w/be aged 67
Steven Smith by The Organ
(Katie Ritchie, Barb Choit, Sarah Efron)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Indie
TJR saysLooking down my list of post-Peel bangers, I personally reckon they'd all have made it onto the wingding. Finally, Steven Smith makes the playlist.



w/be aged 68
Lucy Over Lancashire by Paul Rooney
(Paul Rooney)
9.8 “All-time classic” Reggae
TJR saysFrom 2006, Dandelion Radio embraced the spirit of Peel and became the new home of the Festive 50. John would have been thrilled with this news & this 2007 masterpiece, #5 in the Festive 50.



w/be aged 69
Crackpipe by Micropoint
(Daniel Tecoult, Denis Cohen-Scali)
10.0 “Utterly perfect” Alternative Dance
TJR saysJust the 100BPM for this one, but the startling ferocity of this 'Frenchcore' action would have held great appeal for John I think.



w/be aged 70
Pig Will Not by P.J. Harvey and John Parish
(Polly Jean Harvey, John Parish)
9.8 “All-time classic” Alternative Rock
TJR saysNo doubt this would have been played live-on-air to the UK masses and dedicated to Sheila, accompanied by some witty remark!



w/be aged 71
What’s Out There by Nina Nastasia
(Nina Nastasia)
the USA
9.4 “Classic” Songwriter
TJR saysNot only did he love her music: “Nina Nastasia, one of our favourite people on Earth, in that she goes and has a drink with us when she's in this country.” ~ John Peel



w/be aged 72
French Singer by Liz Green
(Liz Green)
9.8 “All-time classic” Songwriter
TJR saysFor me, an absolute certainty for much Peel love would have been Manchester's Liz Green, and her amazing channeling of ancient blues and folk roots in today's world.



w/be aged 73
I11uminated by Milano
9.8 “All-time classic” Alternative Dance
TJR saysToronto’s Milano is a bit of a DJ powerhouse, and such innovative monsters as “I11uminated” were always prized inclusions on my old wingding mixtapes.



w/be aged 74
Zombie Eyed by The Dirty Nil
(Luke Bentham, Dave Nardi, Kyle Fisher)
9.6 “All-time classic” Alternative Rock
TJR saysYou have no idea the amount of guilt I'm carrying re mixtape exclusions. This'll help make up for the lack of Mudhoney in '89.



w/be aged 75
The Chief’s Enthronement / Oyaye by Kasai Allstars
(Baila Tshilumba)
the D.R. Congo
9.9 “All-time classic” Africana
TJR saysThe best way to describe the John Peel show was that it filled up the senses and opened doors to the world. Let's head for Kinshasa, in the D.R. Congo.



w/be aged 76
Kongo Nails by Bong-Ra and Deformer present Voodoom
(Jason Köhnen, Mike Redman)
the Netherlands
9.5 “All-time classic” Drum n Bass
TJR saysFor every one of these drum n bass tracks that I play you, there's about five or six more that I'd like to be able to. A lot of astonishing stuff around.” ~ JP



w/be aged 77
Blue Lullaby by BE
(Wolfgang Buttress, Camille Buttress, Deirdre Bencsik, Kevin Bales, Tony Foster)
9.7 “All-time classic” Moodcore
TJR saysIf, like John and me, you're always on the search for something you've never heard before, the vibrational signals from the European honey bee will be music to your ears.



w/be aged 78
Political People by Touts
(Jason Feenan, Matthew Crossan, Miceál Sammon)
Northern Ireland
9.2 “Classic” Punk
TJR saysIT: “At the heart of anything good there should be a kernel of something undefinable, and if you claim to be able to define it, in a sense, you've missed the point.” ~ JP



w/be aged 79
Array The Troops by Ancient Methods featuring Regis
(Michael Wollenhaupt)
9.7 “All-time classic” Alternative Dance
TJR saysWorld class dancefloor provocation from the mighty Ancient Methods, reaching for the Techno zenith with old Peel fave Regis on synths. This is music to tear down walls by.



w/be aged 80
10 Commandments by The Specials
(Terry Hall, Horace Panter, Lynval Golding, Nikolaj Torp Larsen, Saffiyah Khan)
9.5 “All-time classic” Reggae
TJR says40 years after their first Peel session, The Specials were back in rude health with plenty to say for themselves and, let's face it, much needed saying.



w/be aged 81
Pub Quiz by John Paul
(John Paul Heggerty, Alan Richards)
8.5 “Excellent” Hip Hop / Rap
TJR saysAlways with one ear out for something new, the “Notts Rap” craze sweeping the nation would have piqued an interest for our man; John Paul's “Subjects” LP bites hard from start to finish.

TJR presents… The Good You Do Lives After You (via Spotify)

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