“Voice Of Thunder” by Prince Far I - album review

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TJR says

I don't know it to be intentional, but the sparsity and solemnity of Far I's second long-player of 1981 seems to reflect Jamaica's sombre mood in the wake of Bob Marley's untimely passing in May, aged just 36. As is usually the case, Far I deals in Jah business, whilst dark chords and minimalism is the musical play amongst Kingston's studio one cast featuring: Larry Silvera (bass), Eric 'Fish' Clarke (drums), Andy (lead & rhythm guitar), David 'Little D' Trail (lead & rhythm guitar), Noel 'Scully' Simms (congas, percussion), Jah Lloyd (percussion), Headley Bennett (horns), Wycliffe 'Steely' Johnson (keyboards), Errol 'Tarzan' Nelson (keyboards) and Tony Asher (keyboards, melodica). Thrills may be few, but the set is rock solid all the same, leading off with “Ten Commandments”; there is but One God, don't use his name in vain, honour your mother and father, don't kill, commit adultery or steal. It's not a Prince Buster cover, that's for sure. For the second time this year, Far I pays tribute to Bob Marley. In his “King of Kings” tune from the “Livity” LP, he declared the great man as the “King of Reggae music” whilst he was still alive. Now, with the dreaded cancer haven taken the King's life, Far I deals with it in the way he knows best, by taking to the mic. He sends regards to all the heroes, but infers that one towers above them all: “tribute to the man called Bob Marley, the musical hero, the King of Reggae music, the late and great Bob Marley, a tribute to the King”. It's a hard road to travel he says, pragmatically. Two of the best are saved 'til last, firstly with “Coming In From The Rock” a song of faith which takes a swipe at his former Virgin label: “Seh, mi comin' in from the hills, With my collie and a tight-tight drum, Watch your front line!”. Set closer “Skinhead” reflects upon his time spent in the British Isles: “A war inna Dublin, Mi said a war inna Manchester, Mi said a war inna Liverpool, Because him never been to school, Said a war inna Brixton”. Chase the crazy baldheads out of the yard, eh? The spirit of Bob Marley lives.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [04:07] 6.4.png Prince Far I - Ten Commandments (Michael Williams) Reggae
A2 [04:01] 6.5.png Prince Far I - Tribute To Bob Marley (Michael Williams) Reggae
A3 [03:44] 5.6.png Prince Far I - Hold The Fort (Michael Williams) Reggae
A4 [04:15] 5.9.png Prince Far I - Every Time I Hear The Word (Michael Williams) Reggae
A5 [03:25] 6.1.png Prince Far I - Head Of The Buccaneer (Michael Williams) Reggae
B1 [03:44] 6.4.png Prince Far I - Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness (Michael Williams) Reggae
B2 [04:44] 6.4.png Prince Far I - Give I Strength (Michael Williams) Reggae
B3 [03:44] 6.2.png Prince Far I - Kingdom Of God (Michael Williams) Reggae
B4 [03:41] 6.6.png Prince Far I - Coming In From The Rock (Michael Williams) Reggae
B5 [03:27] 6.5.png Prince Far I - Skinhead (Michael Williams) Reggae

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