Roy Orbison - In Dreams ∕ Orbisongs

TJR says:

“Really good”

IN DREAMS: The world’s finest exponent of the soulful tremor returns with a stronger, more consistent set than last years “Crying”, packing outright classics such as “In Dreams” and “No One Will Ever Know”. Wherever he delves into the songwriter’s book, the results here are devoid of cheese – “Shahdaroba” has lovely shades of the Middle East and the reading of “Beautiful Dreamer” is exquisite. Another sophisticated winner.; ORBISONGS: By now, Roy has signed for MGM Records and has released his new long player, "There Is Only One Roy Orbison". This hodge-podge effort of an album was a last throw of the dice from Monument Records. What should have been the new housing album for “Oh, Pretty Woman”, ended up as some sort of bastardized semi-new / semi-compilation effort, dredging up some oldies from the early 60s and presenting one or two of them in alt. takes or edits. A very shabby business.

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The Pro review:

Superior two-LP-on-one-CD reissue from Roy Orbison’s Monument library — In Dreams was part of his U.S. and U.K. album output, and dated from 1963. Orbisongs was the more interesting of the two albums, released in late 1965, after he left Monument Records, and was comprised of "Oh, Pretty Woman" and 11 cuts assembled from other hit singles, odd B-sides, plus a pair of previously unissued outtakes and alternate versions of "Dance" and "22 Days." The sound is excellent throughout on this CD, and the price is right as well, the programming far more generous than Sony Music’s domestic single LP/CD version.

4.0 / 5
Bruce Eder

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