“Selda [1976]” by Selda - album review

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TJR says

All 12 of these tracks featured on the German cassette album "Selda 4" in 1975, but it's this LP, released in Turkey in 1976 on Türküola (Turkey) LP 304 which has the more prominent status. By ’75, Selda had left behind her acoustic-guitar-led brand of middle-eastern folk, and had radicalised her sound, collaborating with cutting-edge young Turks such as Moğollar, fusing the exotic folklore heritage of Anatolia with western pop and rock, enthusiastically embracing new synthesizer technologies. The results here are highly interesting, even if I’m rarely over-excited. Her voice is a constant force of nature itself, and the overall mix keeps me engaged for 44 minutes; the flat “Euro-Pop” moments are overcome with plenty of edgy highs such as “Gitme”, “Yaylalar” and “Mehmet Emmi”. Notably, my favourite track is the one which sound most Turkish; make of that what you will.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:41] 6.3.png Selda - Kızıldere (Aşık Ihsani) Folk
A2 [03:22] 7.3.png Selda - Mehmet Emmi (Aşık Mahzuni Şerif) Middle Eastern
A3 [03:38] 2.8.png Selda - Nasırlı Eller (?) Pop Ballad
A4 [03:42] 5.7.png Selda - İnce İnce Bir Kar Yağar (Aşık Mahzuni Şerif) Folk Rock / Americana
A5 [04:54] 5.5.png Selda - Gine Haber Gelmiş (?) Middle Eastern
A6 [03:47] 6.8.png Selda - Yaylalar (?) Rock
B1 [03:48] 5.7.png Selda - Dam Üstüne Çul Serer (Selda Bağcan) Folk
B2 [03:02] 5.2.png Selda - Dost Uyan (Aşık Mahzuni Şerif) Folk Rock / Americana
B3 [02:45] 6.0.png Selda - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz (Aşık Mahzuni Şerif) Folk Rock / Americana
B4 [04:12] 6.7.png Selda - Gitme (Neşet Ertaş) Cerebral Pop
B5 [03:15] 4.5.png Selda - Niye Çattın Kaşlarını (Neşet Ertaş) Rock
B6 [03:39] 4.7.png Selda - Meydan Sizindir (Aşık Mahzuni Şerif) Rock
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