“Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” by Simon and Garfunkel - album review

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TJR says

Tom Wilson, producer at Columbia, had a busy old time of it in 1964, producing two Bob Dylan albums as well as the debut for Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. The producer showed great faith in the exceptionally talented close harmony duo, and it was he who managed to persuade Columbia to take a chance with a full-length LP release. Released in the slipstream of the beat group revolution, Simon and Garfunkel’s brilliant debut LP, issued in October ‘64, was received by a largely indifferent nation, its’ first issue only selling some 3,000 copies. It was a great disappointment for all involved but, as history shows, the same thing had happened to Bob Dylan back in ’62. In the end, the album’s calling card, the exquisite “Sound of Silence” would eventually be recognised as truly brilliant when, in September ’65, Wilson took the original acoustic version and, without Simon or Garfunkel's knowledge, added electric guitar and drums, releasing the new version as a single. By December ’65 it was Number One in the Billboard 100! The duo had already split by that point, but they were very quick to re-unite, take their rightful acclaim, and move on with what was, quite clearly, their life’s calling. Well done Tom ; – )

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:47] 7.5.png Simon and Garfunkel - You Can Tell The World (Bob Gibson, Bob Camp) Folk
A2 [02:11] 8.9.png Simon and Garfunkel - Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream (Ed McCurdy) Folk
A3 [02:44] 7.2.png Simon and Garfunkel - Bleecker Street (Paul Simon) Folk
A4 [02:49] 6.3.png Simon and Garfunkel - Sparrow (Paul Simon) Folk
A5 [02:38] 6.5.png Simon and Garfunkel - Benedictus (Traditional) Folk
A6 [03:08] 10.0.png Simon and Garfunkel - The Sounds Of Silence (Paul Simon) Folk
B1 [02:48] 8.6.png Simon and Garfunkel - He Was My Brother (Paul Kane) Folk
B2 [02:26] 6.3.png Simon and Garfunkel - Peggyo (Traditional) Folk
B3 [02:06] 7.8.png Simon and Garfunkel - Go Tell It On The Mountain (Traditional) Folk
B4 [02:49] 7.2.png Simon and Garfunkel - The Sun Is Burning (Ian Campbell) Folk
B5 [02:52] 7.4.png Simon and Garfunkel - The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Robert Zimmerman) Folk
B6 [02:13] 7.7.png Simon and Garfunkel - Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. (Paul Simon) Folk

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