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#1 siren-siren.png 1969 [13, 44:39] Siren - Siren (Dandelion Records S-63755) studio • new music
#2 siren-strange-locomotion.jpg 1971 [12, 43:55] Siren - Strange Locomotion (Dandelion Records DAN-8001) studio • new music 6.03 “Decent enough” Blues / Rhythm n Blues; Blues Rock / Soul Rock
date.png 24-Apr-2016
notes.png The end. Group ceased 1971.


Before beginning his career as a solo artist, Kevin Coyne was the centerpiece of Siren. The group recorded two albums in the late '60s and early '70s for Dandelion, the British underground-oriented indie run by DJ John Peel. The paths that Coyne would follow on his many solo albums are much in evidence in Siren's work, which spotlight his pained, scraggly, and soulful vocals, as well as his funny, sometimes bitter lyrics. Guitarist Dave Clague (who was once in the Bonzo Dog Band) and pianist Nick Cudworth helped Coyne pen much of Siren's material, and provided much of the low-key bluesy, folksy arrangements. Siren's slim discography was doubled and then some in the mid-'90s, when DJC came up with three albums of mostly unreleased material.

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