“Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus” by Spirit - album review

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TJR says

Fourth album from the psychedelic rockers from Los Angeles, more than decent in places. They lined up: Jay Ferguson (vocals, percussion, keyboards), Randy California (guitars, vocals, bass), John Locke (keyboards), Mark Andes (bass, vocals) and Ed Cassidy (drums, percussion).

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:41] 7.2.png Spirit - Prelude – Nothin‘ To Hide (Randy California) Rock
A2 [02:30] 6.1.png Spirit - Nature‘s Way (Randy California) Folk Rock / Americana
A3 [03:20] 5.5.png Spirit - Animal Zoo (Jay Ferguson) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A4 [02:42] 5.7.png Spirit - Love Has Found A Way (Randy California, John Locke) Psychedelia
A5 [01:03] 4.6.png Spirit - Why Can‘t I Be Free? (Randy California) Psychedelia
A6 [03:50] 6.0.png Spirit - Mr. Skin (Jay Ferguson) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B1 [03:26] 4.7.png Spirit - Space Child (John Locke) Prog
B2 [05:35] 4.2.png Spirit - When I Touch You (Jay Ferguson) Rock
B3 [03:40] 4.5.png Spirit - Street Worm (Jay Ferguson) Rock
B4 [03:22] 6.3.png Spirit - Life Has Just Begun (Randy California) Folk Rock / Americana
B5 [02:58] 7.0.png Spirit - Morning Will Come (Randy California) New Wave
B6 [02:43] 4.9.png Spirit - Soldier (Randy California) Pop Ballad

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