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#1 startrax-startrax-club-disco.jpg 1981 [2, 38:59] Startrax - Startrax Club Disco (Picksy Records KSY-A-1001) studio mini • new music 0.65 “Pathetically abysmal” Disco / Funk
#2 startrax-startrax-club-disco-reggae-hits.jpg 1981 [2, 41:52] Startrax - Startrax Club Disco Reggae Hits (Picksy Records KSY-A-1005) studio • new music 2.10 “Dire” Disco / Funk
date.png 08-Mar-2010
notes.png The end. Disappeared early 80s.


The "band" consisted solely of studio session musicians and were involved in "the medley" phenomenon of the early 80s, recreating hit songs as faithfully as possible and stringing them together, with a common tempo and relentless underlying drum track. The point was to provide danceable disco records which used familiar tunes—a technique that was also used in Starssound’s "Stars On 45" series and the "Hooked On" series of recordings released by RCA Records and K-Tel Records.

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