“Suicide” by Suicide - album review

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TJR says

After several years of underground activity, Suicide finally delivered the artistic statement that their small number of followers had been waiting for. By now fully settled as a duo, at the time of release in December ’77 they were: Alan Vega (39, vocals) and Martin Rev (29, keyboards). Anything more than these two and they’d lose a great deal of the b-movie appeal. Rev’s unique and minimalist brand of trance-inducing horror-electronica provides the perfect canvas for Vega’s paranoid tales of urban decay, tortured souls and twisted love songs. I don’t know why I love sinister music so much – maybe the menacing edginess keeps me on my toes, there but for the grace of fate go I. Suicide’s ace debut is probably about the closest you can get to actual insanity without flipping over into the institution.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:34] 8.7.png Suicide - Ghost Rider (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) Proto-Punk
A2 [04:16] 8.1.png Suicide - Rocket USA (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) Trance Rock
A3 [03:42] 9.7.png Suicide - Cheree (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) Electronica
A4 [02:10] 8.0.png Suicide - Johnny (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) New Wave
A5 [04:05] 7.5.png Suicide - Girl (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) Electronica
B1 [10:26] 10.0.png Suicide - Frankie Teardrop (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) Trance Rock
B2 [04:52] 6.8.png Suicide - Che (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) Electronica

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