“Rat On!” by Swamp Dogg - album review

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TJR says

The cover features the black man, Swamp Dogg, riding on the back of an oversized white rat – unusual! He’s an off-the-wall maverick for sure. Probably sells himself short on the artistic credibility stakes but, hey, he’s his own boss. There’s no doubt as to his musical credentials though and, once again, his rhythm and horn sections continue determinedly with a winning southern soul approach. The album features guests such as Betty Wright, Al Kooper, Lonnie Mack and a young employee at TK by the name of Harry Wayne Casey, who’d go on to find fame and fortune with his own project, KC and The Sunshine Band. This is a very satisfying album to my ears but Elektra didn’t hear it that way – it would prove to be Dogg’s one and only LP for the major. Apparently, the provocative “God Bless America For What?” landed Swamp Dogg on Richard Nixon’s infamous “Enemies List”. Swamp was probably bang on… damn those honkys…

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:50] 6.3.png Swamp Dogg - Do You Believe (Jerry Williams Jr., Troy Davis) Disco / Funk
A2 [03:07] 7.0.png Swamp Dogg - Predicament #2 (Jerry Williams Jr., Troy Davis) Soul Ballad
A3 [02:41] 7.2.png Swamp Dogg - Remember I Said Tomorrow (Jerry Williams Jr., Troy Davis) Soul
A4 [02:51] 5.2.png Swamp Dogg - Creeping Away (Jerry Williams Jr.) Soul
A5 [04:08] 5.2.png Swamp Dogg - Got To Get A Message To You (Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb) Soul Ballad
B1 [03:34] 6.1.png Swamp Dogg - God Bless America, For What (Jerry Williams Jr.) Soul Ballad
B2 [03:51] 7.4.png Swamp Dogg - I Kissed Your Face (Jerry Williams Jr., Gary Bonds) Soul Ballad
B3 [03:15] 8.0.png Swamp Dogg - That Ain’t My Wife (Jerry Williams Jr., Gary Bonds, Charlie Whitehead) Soul
B4 [03:05] 6.0.png Swamp Dogg - She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye (Doug Gilmore, Mickey Newbury) Soul
B5 [04:07] 6.0.png Swamp Dogg - Do Our Thing Together (Jerry Williams Jr., Troy Davis) Soul

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