“T. Rex” by T. Rex - album review

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TJR says

Arriving at the very end of 1970 was the 5th LP from the group which now lined up: Marc Bolan (23, vocals, guitar, bass, organ) and Mickey Finn (23, bass, drums, pixiphone, vocals). It was the second LP from this line up, following on from “A Beard of Stars” in March. In between, they had shortened their name from Tyrannosaurus Rex to plain old T Rex, as heralded by the release of their “Ride A White Swan” single in October ‘70. The move coincides with a slightly more electrified sound, which is noticeably more retro-futuristic than ancient-mystic. As if bridging these outlooks, the album contains reworkings of two old Tyrannosaurus Rex songs, “The Wizard” and “One Inch Rock”. Four of the best – “Childe”, “Beltane Walk”, “Seagull Woman” and “The Wizard” – are new wave before Roxy Music. This is a gentle re-birth, a seamless reinvention. That’s talent for you.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [00:52] 6.8.png T. Rex - The Children Of Rarn (Marc Bolan) Psychedelia
A2 [02:46] 6.8.png T. Rex - Jewel (Marc Bolan) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A3 [01:54] 5.9.png T. Rex - The Visit (Marc Bolan) Alternative Folk
A4 [01:41] 7.4.png T. Rex - Childe (Marc Bolan) New Wave
A5 [02:43] 6.4.png T. Rex - The Time Of Love Is Now (Marc Bolan) Alternative Folk
A6 [01:58] 7.4.png T. Rex - Diamond Meadows (Marc Bolan) New Wave
A7 [02:31] 6.1.png T. Rex - Root Of Star (Marc Bolan) Alternative Folk
A8 [02:28] 7.3.png T. Rex - Beltane Walk (Marc Bolan) New Wave
B1 [02:36] 5.9.png T. Rex - Is It Love? (Marc Bolan) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B2 [02:27] 7.7.png T. Rex - One Inch Rock [album version ’70] (Marc Bolan) Blues / Rhythm n Blues
B3 [01:42] 6.3.png T. Rex - Summer Deep (Marc Bolan) New Wave
B4 [02:19] 7.6.png T. Rex - Seagull Woman (Marc Bolan) New Wave
B5 [02:07] 7.4.png T. Rex - Suneye (Marc Bolan) Alternative Folk
B6 [08:51] 8.8.png T. Rex - The Wizard [album version ’70] (Marc Bolan) New Wave
B7 [00:38] 6.2.png T. Rex - The Children Of Rarn [reprise] (Marc Bolan) Psychedelia

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