“The Slider” by T. Rex - album review

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TJR says

The ever-dependable T. Rex continue as the acceptable face of pop music in 1972, and Tony Visconti’s tasteful arrangements assist as always. As with the preceding “Electric Warrior” LP, “The Slider” is notable for strong crunchy riffs, high quality string arrangements and some cracking vocals from Marc, who somehow manages to strongly reference Gene Vincent without being noticed, mainly due to his wholly unique Bolan-isms. The sheer catchiness of this material is perhaps explained best by the front-man himself: “I like my songs to be durable to the ear and exciting to the mind. My lyrics always come before the music. Repetition comes into my songs a lot because I think my lyrics are so obscure that they need to be hammered home. You need to hear them eight or nine times before they start to make sense. I don't see anything wrong with that” I dig repetition, so he’s talking my language.

The album was launched in a blaze of glory in the summertime, with both of the lead singles (“Telegram Sam” and “Metal Guru”) having conquered the very summit of the UK Pop Charts. The album leads off, in fact, with the current # 1 single, “Metal Guru”, pure T.Rexstacy which swirls around the membrane long after it’s gone. We never quite learn just who the Metal Guru is, but on this evidence he sounds like he’s a joy bringer. I’m gonna guess he wears leather pants. Is it Gene Vincent? “Spaceball Ricochet” is another side 1 highlight: “With my Les Paul, I know I'm small, but I enjoy living anyway”. Hey Marc, you’re number one in the charts, what’s small about that? Side 2 boasts the marvellous rocker “Telegram Sam”, the intriguing ballad “Ballrooms of Mars” (seems everyone’s going on about Mars these days) and the sheer epic sexiness of “Chariot Choogle”. By this stage, there is absolutely no danger that the bloke on the Les Paul could be described as small. Bolan likes to rock now, oh yes he does.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:25] 8.2.png T. Rex - Metal Guru (Marc Bolan) Rock
A2 [03:09] 6.2.png T. Rex - Mystic Lady (Marc Bolan) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A3 [03:26] 5.3.png T. Rex - Rock On (Marc Bolan) Rock
A4 [03:22] 6.4.png T. Rex - The Slider (Marc Bolan) Rock
A5 [02:17] 5.7.png T. Rex - Baby Boomerang (Marc Bolan) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
A6 [03:37] 7.7.png T. Rex - Spaceball Ricochet (Marc Bolan) Songwriter
A7 [03:31] 5.7.png T. Rex - Buick Mackane (Marc Bolan) Rock
B1 [03:42] 7.0.png T. Rex - Telegram Sam (Marc Bolan) Rock
B2 [03:55] 5.5.png T. Rex - Rabbit Fighter (Marc Bolan) Blues Rock / Soul Rock
B3 [03:03] 6.3.png T. Rex - Baby Strange (Marc Bolan) Rock
B4 [04:09] 6.8.png T. Rex - Ballrooms Of Mars (Marc Bolan) Rock
B5 [02:45] 8.7.png T. Rex - Chariot Choogle (Marc Bolan) Rock
B6 [04:14] 5.8.png T. Rex - Main Man (Marc Bolan) Songwriter

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