“More Songs About Buildings And Food” by Talking Heads - album review

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TJR says

When we were making this album I remembered this stupid discussion we had about titles for the last album. At that time I said, 'What are we gonna call an album that's just about buildings and food?' And Chris said, 'You call it more songs about buildings and food'” recalled bassist Tina. For their second long player, the New York four remain: David Byrne (vocals, guitars), Chris Frantz (drums, percussion), Jerry Harrison (piano, organ, synthesizer, guitar, backing vocals) and Tina Weymouth (bass guitar). Brian Eno (that man again!) is drafted into production duties and seems to do a fine job, even adding his multi-instrumentalist skills here and there. Compared to the debut it's largely a smoother ride; steady-paced, danceable, and, ultimately, equally enjoyable. The main exception to this observation is delivered right at the very start on the galloping “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel” which works well on your songs for a new baby mixtape if you'll let it. The real new-wave-funk tone of the album is set on the following track, “With Our Love”, layered with a range of lively guitar patterns. Best on side two is the aggressively funky “I’m Not In Love” which delivers the bold prediction: “There’ll come a day when we won’t need love”. Oooh, I do like it when they get all freaky. Not so weird, but quite surprising, is the appearance of a cover version, namely “Take Me To The River” (Al Green, 1974). It's a languid but cool take, and they certainly reinvent it as their own in many musical ways. Nice to see the New Wave being open to the Old Wave, especially when it's handled this well.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [02:11] 8.0.png Talking Heads - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (David Byrne) New Wave
A2 [03:30] 6.8.png Talking Heads - With Our Love (David Byrne) New Wave
A3 [03:03] 6.2.png Talking Heads - The Good Thing (David Byrne) New Wave
A4 [03:55] 5.7.png Talking Heads - Warning Sign (David Byrne, Chris Frantz) New Wave
A5 [02:37] 6.2.png Talking Heads - The Girls Want To Be With The Girls (David Byrne) New Wave
A6 [05:00] 5.5.png Talking Heads - Found A Job (David Byrne) New Wave
B1 [03:34] 6.1.png Talking Heads - Artists Only (David Byrne, Wayne Zieve) New Wave
B2 [04:33] 7.0.png Talking Heads - I’m Not In Love (David Byrne) New Wave
B3 [02:39] 6.4.png Talking Heads - Stay Hungry (David Byrne, Chris Frantz) New Wave
B4 [05:00] 6.6.png Talking Heads - Take Me To The River (Albert Greene, Mabon Hodges) Cerebral Pop
B5 [05:30] 5.9.png Talking Heads - The Big Country (David Byrne) Cerebral Pop

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