“Marquee Moon” by Television - album review

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TJR says

At the time of release in February ’77 they were: Tom Verlaine (27, guitar, keyboards, vocals); Richard Lloyd (25, guitar, backing vocals); Fred Smith (28, bass, backing vocals) and Billy Ficca (27, drums). They were a band who were in-demand and could be choosy as to who to sign with – in the end it was Elektra who offered the best deal in terms of the artistic freedom that was so important to the group, most especially the two guitarists, Verlaine and Lloyd, self-described as “expressionists”. Their innovative “Jazz-Punk” sound was a challenge to the fans of “alternative” music of the time – and not one which was received warmly with record buyers at home, where it completely failed to break the Top 200. Despite this major-blow, which would have fatal implications for the group in the near future, the album was a huge success amongst the critics who recognized the craft and the skill of the performance, as well as the great songs throughout the set. A fine work of art.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:53] 7.6.png Television - See No Evil (Tom Verlaine) New Wave
A2 [03:51] 9.6.png Television - Venus (Tom Verlaine) New Wave
A3 [04:44] 7.0.png Television - Friction (Tom Verlaine) New Wave
A4 [10:40] 8.2.png Television - Marquee Moon (Tom Verlaine) New Wave
B1 [05:07] 6.8.png Television - Elevation (Tom Verlaine) New Wave
B2 [05:35] 6.5.png Television - Guiding Light (Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd) New Wave
B3 [05:02] 7.1.png Television - Prove It (Tom Verlaine) New Wave
B4 [06:56] 6.0.png Television - Torn Curtain (Tom Verlaine) Rock

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