“The Cars” by The Cars - album review

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TJR says

The debut album from the Boston 5-piece arrived in June '78, trading in that quintessentially Amercian brand of new wave that simply can't bear to let go of classic rock, to it's detriment. They line-up: Ric Ocasek (~35, vocals, rhythm guitar), Elliot Easton (34, lead guitar, backing vocals), Greg Hawkes (25, keyboards, percussion, saxophone, backing vocals), Benjamin Orr (30, vocals, bass) and David Robinson (29, drums, syndrums, percussion, backing vocals). As you might expect, the album was very well received on American radio stations, and worked it's way into the Billboard Top 20, aided by three successful single releases: “Just What I Needed” (#27) sung by bassist Benjamin, “My Best Friend’s Girl” (#35) c/w double handclap pop-doo-wop goodness and “Good Times Roll” (#41) which begins by pretending it's going to explore cutting edge electronica before delving headlong into a Queen-like stadium-rocker. Such are the contradictions of the Boston 5.

The Jukebox Rebel

A1 [03:44] 4.6.png The Cars - Good Times Roll (Ric Ocasek) Soft Rock / A.O.R.
A2 [03:44] 7.2.png The Cars - My Best Friend’s Girl (Ric Ocasek) New Wave
A3 [03:44] 5.9.png The Cars - Just What I Needed (Ric Ocasek) New Wave
A4 [03:31] 4.7.png The Cars - I’m In Touch With Your World (Ric Ocasek) New Wave
A5 [03:01] 4.3.png The Cars - Don’t Cha Stop (Ric Ocasek) New Wave
B1 [04:13] 4.0.png The Cars - You’re All I’ve Got Tonight (Ric Ocasek) Rock
B2 [04:14] 3.5.png The Cars - Bye Bye Love (Ric Ocasek) Rock
B3 [04:41] 4.4.png The Cars - Moving In Stereo (Ric Ocasek, Greg Hawkes) New Wave
B4 [04:14] 4.1.png The Cars - All Mixed Up (Ric Ocasek) Soft Rock / A.O.R.

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